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NER Events 2019
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New England



NER Events 2019


RTE (Ride To Eat) = a meetup at a restaurant. Riders ride to the restaurant solo and meet others in the Group. There is no organized ride

Ride = an organized NER group Ride (please read our group ride guidelines)

(Please go to our Facebook Group or our Forum to let us know that you are coming)

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2018 Calendar    2020 Calendar    Non-NER Events

Jan 19 Sat Party 16th Annual Holiday Party West Boylston, MA Facebook Mike
Jan 26 Sat CLASS Learn BaseCamp Class Worcester, MA Facebook Ed
Feb 16 Sat CLASS First Responder Course Southampton, MA Facebook Ed
Mar 30 Sat RTE RTE - Goody Cole's Smokehouse Brentwood, NH Facebook Ed
Apr 7 Sun RTE RTE - Sweet Evalina's Stand Woodstock, CT Facebook Ed
Apr 13 Sat RTE RTE - Kimball Farm Jaffrey Jaffrey, NH Facebook Ed
Apr 20 Sat RIDE S Mass/Cape Ride Rockland, MA Facebook Ed
May 11 Sat Meet NER Meet and Greet West Boylston, MA Facebook Mike
May 11 Sat Buy/Sell Meet & Greet - Buy & Sell West Boylston, MA Facebook  
May 11 Sat RIDE Ice Cream Ride (Ride on your own) West Boylston, MA Facebook Ed
May 13 Mon Walk Thompson Track Walk Thompson, CT Facebook Ed
May 13 Mon RTE Pre-Trackday Dinner Danielson, CT Facebook Ed
May 14 Tues TRACK Non-Sportbike Track Day Thompson, CT Facebook Ed
June 2 Sun RTE Prohibition Pig Waterbury, VT Facebook Greg
June 7 Fri RTE The Silo Queensbury, NY Facebook Alfred
June 8 Sat RTE Farmer's Table Cafe N Grantham, NH Facebook Steve
June 9 Sun Ride Goody Cole's Ride Hudson, NH Facebook Ed
June 22 Sat RIDE SE CT Ride (Ride on your own) Pomfret, CT Facebook Ed
June 23 Sun RIDE Kathleen's Irish Pub Bristol, NH Facebook Steve
July 15 Mon RIDE Ride to Non-Sport Track Day Hudson, MA Facebook Ed
July 15 Mon Walk Palmer Track Walk Palmer, MA Facebook Ed
July 15 Mon RTE Pre-Trackday Dinner Ware, MA Facebook Ed
July 16 Tue TRACK Non-Sportbike Track Day Palmer, MA Facebook Ed
July 27 Sat BBQ Cookout on the Farm Dunbarton, NH Facebook Steve Ba
Sep 11-15 W-Sn TRIP Lake George Trip Lake George, NY Facebook Ed
Sep 13 Fri DINNER Trip Dinner at the Barnsider Lake George, NY Facebook Ed
Oct 5 Sat RIDE Gobbler Sundae Ride Pomfret, MA Facebook Ed
Oct 19 Sat RIDE Foliage Ride Orange, MA Facebook Ed

2018 Calendar    2020 Calendar    Non-NER Events