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New England



Eastern Lakes Ride

The 223 mile Eastern Lakes Ride is my favorite twisty ride in the Northeast. It follows beautiful lakes like Lake George, Brant Lake, Schroon Lake, Lincoln Pond, Lake Champlain, Eagle Lake, Paradox Lake, and Loon Lake. The ride follows mountain rivers and streams like Schroon River and the Boquet River. There are great views of both the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains in Vermont. What sets the ride apart, however, is the quality of the twisty roads.

The ride begins by following Route 9N along Lake George before turning inland to traverse the Tongue Mountains. This is a great ride over the mountains and back down to the Lake Shore.

Route 9N through the Tongue Mountains


Stop at the scenic Sabbath Day Point Overlook to admire the awesome view. This pretty view has a bloody secret.

Sabbath Day Point Overlook


Turn left on Route 8 in Hague and enjoy the great twists climbing into the Adirondacks on Route 8. Pass Elephant Rock on your left.

Elephant Rock


Turn right onto Palisades Road (CR26) along Brant Lake. This road twists along the lake and is a great combination of curves and scenery. Be careful of the blind corners and of a few driveways. It is best ridden off season when the Summer homes are empty.

Palisades Road


Turn right on Schroon River Road and follow this idyllic curvy road along the river. Turn right on Route 9 and ride north along pretty Schroon Lake. Stop at the Stewarts in town and walk across to the memorial on the lake.

Schroon Lake


Continue north on Route 9 along the Schroon River. Turn right onto Ensign Pond Road (CR4). This is probably the best of the Adirondack twisty roads. 12 1/2 miles of scenic twists! It is also the first of 4 consecutive great curvy roads.

Ensign Pond Road


Turn left on Witherbee Rd and then left again on superb Tracy Road. Super fun curvy road! Tracy will leave you smiling.

Tracy Road


Turn right on Route 9 and follow it north toward Elizabethtown. This section of Route 9 has some great curves. This road will follow almost immediately after Tracy Road. The ride has a break in Elizabethtown and it will be well deserved.

Route 9 to Elizabethtown


Leave Elizabethtown and turn south on Lincoln Pond Road (Route 7). This beauty crosses Lincoln Pond and twists south toward Lake Champlain. This road concludes 45 straight miles of almost non-stop twisties. Where else in the Northeast can you find that?

Lincoln Pond Road


Be sure to check out the great view of Lincoln Pond on your right after you cross the bridge.

Lincoln Pond Road View


Turn left on Edgemont Rd and descend to Lake George. There are some great views on the way down. Follow the Lake south to Ticonderoga. Stop for lunch at the Hot Biscuit Diner, Burleigh's Luncheonette, or other Ticonderoga spots. (reviews)

Hot Biscuit Diner

Consider riding the short distance to Fort Ticonderoga (fort map). This fort guarded passage along Lake Champlain and was an important objective for both the British and American Armies. British General Burgoyne badly needed the fort in 1777 for his grand plan to control the Lake Champlain-Lake George-Hudson River corridor.


Fort Ticonderoga


Fort Ticonderoga View


Fort Ticonderoga Exhibit


Fort Map



Rather than a frontal assault, Burgoyne coyly placed artillery atop Mount Defiance. From here, the British could easily train cannons on the Fort below. The Americans evacuated the Fort without a fight. A token from the Fort Ticonderoga Tour gives access to Mount Defiance. By itself, there is a $10 toll. There is a talk every day at 4:00.


Mount Defiance


Mount Defiance


Mount Defiance


Fort Ticonderoga used to be the French Fort Carillon. It's costliest battle was the Battle of Carillon during the French and Indian War in 1758. Be sure to see the French and the British Memorials and the French trenches while visiting Fort Ticonderoga.


British Memorial


French Memorial



Descend from Mount Defiance to Montcalm Street, turn left and stop at the pullout for Bicentennial Park. Look at historic La Chute waterfall. Native Americans and Colonials portaged around these falls between Lake Champlain and Lake George.


La Chute


The red line in the photo below shows the direction of the historic portage path to Lake George.


Portage Trail



Ride a little further west and park at the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum & Visitor Center. Walk across the street and read the tablet about the Portage Trail/Great War Trail. Native Americans used this trail for thousands of years to portage around Le Chute Falls on the way between Lake Champlain and Lake George.


Portage Sign


Star Trek fans can consider stopping at the Star Trek Original Series Tour. You can visit exact replicas of the sets from the original TV series.


Star Trek Tour



Star Trek Tour


Continue west on Montcalm Street to the Traffic Circle. At the center of the circle is this great Liberty Monument.


Liberty Monument

Ride west on NY Route 74 past Eagle Lake and Paradox Lake to Route 9. Turn left on Route 9 and ride south to Schroon Lake.

Turn right on Hoffman Road (Route 24). I had never heard boo about this road until Phil, my brother, and I stumbled upon it. The combination of curves and elevation changes make this road a blast to ride.

Hoffman Road (CR24)


Stop at the Olmsteadville Dam for a nice break.

Olmsteadville Dam


Follow Route 9 south past Loon Lake and south along the Schroon River. Turn left on Diamond Point Road and descend to Lake George. Turn right on Route 9N and follow the Lake back to Lake George.

Consider stopping at Fort William Henry for a tour of this historic fort. Fort William Henry was a British fort that was the site of notorious atrocities committed after the Battle of Fort William Henry by the Huron tribes against the surrendered British and provincial troops following a successful French siege in 1757. That event was portrayed in James Fenimore Cooper's novel "The Last of the Mohicans." The fort had been a staging ground for British attacks against the French fort at Crown Point.

Fort William Henry

Continue south on Route 9 to the hotel.