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New England


Lake Placid Ride


This 257 mile ride begins by following Route 28 into the heart of the Adirondacks. The Hudson River runs along Route 28 here on its way to Albany and New York City. The route turns north on Route 30 at Indian Lake. Route 30 is a scenic byway and NER Best Of New England Road that runs through the middle of the Adirondacks. Think of it as a primitive Vermont Route 100 from before the land was cleared for farms. There are parts of Route 30 where there are no other roads for 50 miles - pretty cool. You also get to see some great views along the way:


Route 28 Hudson View



Long Lake



Simon Pond



Tupper S View



Tupper View!



Route 30 has some nice curves between Indian Lake and Long Lake:

Route 30


Route 30 then has a very fun curvy section (showed below) between Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake. The route then turns east on the very curvy CR18 (Forest Home Rd) - fun ride! This stretch is the beginning of another NER BONE road.

Forest Home Road


This great BONE Road continues from Bloomingdale, past Franklin Falls Pond,  to the top of Whiteface Mountain. The road is very curvy and scenic here.

Road to Whiteface


Franklin Falls Pond

Whiteface Mountain - While pricey at $12 per bike, the views are amazing.

Road to the Summit - Veteran's Memorial Highway


Once you get near the top you park your bike and then make a choice. Either you walk into this tunnel to the elevator:

Entrance to Summit Elevator


Elevator Walkway


Or you climb these stairs.....yikes! I'll take the elevator.  :)

Whiteface Summit Steps


Once you reach the summit you never know who you might bump into:

Whiteface Summit


Even on a cloudy day, the view of Lake Placid, Mirror Lake, the Adirondacks, and the town of Lake Placid are breathtaking.

Whiteface Summit


Be sure to walk out back to the rocks for amazing views of the high Peaks region of the Adirondacks.

Whiteface Summit


After Whiteface, the route follows Route 86/ Route 21. The road goes through a gorgeous valley and past the entrance to the Whiteface Mountain Ski Area. BONE View

Whiteface Base Lodge

Route 21 gets nice and twisty and then ends at Route 73 and a nice view of the ski jumps.

Route 73 passes nice mountain views and the bobsled & luge runs at Mount Van Hoevenburg on its way to Keene.

Stop for lunch at Forty Six in Keene.

Just after Keene, put on your riding shoes because Hurricane Road awaits. This is super twisty with nice elevation changes. Watch for sand in some corners.

Hurricane Road


The rest of the ride follows Route 9 south past scenic Schroon Lake and then pretty CR8 and CR13 south to Route 418. Route 418 crosses the Hudson River and then curves along the banks of the Schroon River on the way back to Lake George.