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New England



Saratoga Ride


This 243 mile ride is a great mix of twisty roads, great scenery and history. The ride begins with a short ride south to Glen Falls Mountain Road. I hope that you had your coffee because there are some tight uphill twists at the beginning of this road.

Glen Falls Mountain Road


Follow the Hudson River south to curvy CR-24. Watch for law enforcement after the great curves. Follow some nice county roads over to the Saratoga Monument in Schuylerville. The monument is near the location where British General Burgoyne surrendered his army after the battles of Saratoga. The monument was designed with 4 alcoves for statues of the winning American Generals. One alcove is deliberately kept empty because the hero of the battle later became America's most infamous traitor.


Saratoga Monument


Saratoga Monument



Saratoga Monument


Ride south about 10 miles to the Saratoga Battlefield. This great free park is the scene of the turning point of the Revolutionary War. General Burgoyne was marching south from Canada to Albany to meet up with British troops marching north from New York City and British troops marching east from Oswego. The goal was to take control of the Lake Champlain-Lake George-Hudson River waterway that linked the Saint Lawrence River in Canada with the Atlantic Ocean in New York City. Had he been successful, he would have isolated New England from the rest of the colonies and probably won the war. There were 2 battles fought here. The first on September 19, 1777 was inconclusive. The second on October 7th was a resounding American victory that lead to Burgoyne's surrender and the French entering the war.


Saratoga Battlefield


Be sure to stop in the Visitor's Center and see the 20 minute movie about the battle, the interactive light model of the battlefield, and all the exhibits.


Saratoga Visitor's Center


Saratoga Visitor's Center


Saratoga Visitor's Center


Saratoga Visitor's Center


Begin the auto road and be sure to stop at stop 2 - Neilson Farm.


Stop 2 - Neilson Farm - Farmhouse (Arnold's HQ)



Stop 2 - Neilson Farm - Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers


Also stop at Stop 3 - Bemus Heights. The fortifications on these heights, along with batteries along the river, stopped Burgoyne's army on its way south to Albany. The American fortified lines are represented by white stakes with blue tops.


Stop 3 - Bemus Heights


Stop 6 - Balcarre's Redoubt was a very strong fortification that the British retreated to after the second battle. The British fortified lines are represented by white stakes with red tops.


Stop 6 - Balcarre's Redoubt


Stop 7 - Breymann's Redoubt is a must stop. This fortified position was taken during the battle due to the heroism of the battle's hero - Benedict Arnold. Arnold spurred his horse around the back of the Hessian Line and was severely wounded in the leg. His troops followed and captured the redoubt and turned the tide of battle. Follow the path to the left of the Hessian fortifications to the anonymous boot memorial. This memorial is near the spot of Arnold's wounding and acknowledges his heroics without celebrating the man.


Stop 7 - Breymann's Redoubt - Benedict Arnold Boot Memorial


Stop 9 - The Great Redoubt was the strongest British fortification and protected the hospital and supplies near the river. The British retreated to this spot after their defeat in the second battle on October 7th.


Stop 9 - The Great Redoubt


Stop 9 - The Great Redoubt


Leave the battlefield and ride south. Travel along the scenic Tomhannock Reservoir on CR-115.


Tomhannock Reservoir



Stop for lunch at The Towne Tavern in Averill Park.


The Towne Tavern



After lunch, ride the twisty Taborton Loop. This is some great riding.


Taborton Loop



Continue north and follow Walloomsac River and pretty Route 67 to the Bennington Battle Park.


Route to Bennington



The Battle of Bennington actually took place in Walloomsac, NY. A large group of British and Hessian soldiers left Burgoyne's army desperately searching for supplies. They were met and defeated here by American troops. The British defeat at Bennington greatly contributed to their ultimate defeat at Saratoga. A large obelisk memorial in Bennington, VT commemorates the American victory.


Bennington Battlefield



Bennington Battlefield Relief Map


Bennington Battlefield Map


Bennington Hessian fortification



Cross the Hoosic River via the Buskirk Covered Bridge.

Buskirk Covered Bridge



Next cross the Batten Kill via the Eagleville Covered Bridge.


Eagleville Covered Bridge


Ride west on CR-61 to the Shushan Covered Bridge. This bridge is now a museum.


Shushan Covered Bridge


Next cross the Rexleigh Covered Bridge on the way to Salem, NY.

Rexleigh Covered Bridge



While in Salem, consider stopping for chocolates and other treats at Steininger's Chocolates.


Steininger's Chocolates


Follow county roads over to Cossayuna Lake and follow the lakeshore while enjoying some great water views.


Ride north on pretty CR-30 and continue north and west back to Lake George.