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New England



Southern Vermont Ride


This 232 mile ride starts by following the curvy southern shore of Lake George on Route 9L.


NY Route 9L


Now that your tires are warmed up, continue east on NY Route 149 to route 4 in Fort Anne. America and British troops fought here after the Americans evacuated Fort Ticonderoga during the Revolutionary War.


Turn north on follow county roads north through rolling and scenic farm country to Whitehall. Did you know that Benedict Arnold built a fleet of ships here to fight the British during the Revolutionary War? Whitehall, then known as Skenesboro, is the Birthplace of the United States Navy. The Skenesboro harbor also produced ships used for service by the U.S. Navy during the War of 1812.


Hull of the USS Ticonderoga - War of 1812 (Battle of Plattsburgh)


Location of Arnold's Shipbuilding in Skenesboro (Whitehall)


Arnold's Shipyard looking up to Skene Manor


Cross the bridge and enjoy a nice view of Skene Manor up on the cliff. Leave Whitehall and follow pretty CR-18 to Poultney, VT. Next is VT Route 140 which is one of the best curvy roads in the State.


VT Route 140



Relax a little on VT Route 103 to VT Route 100 before the spectacular Kingdom Rd/Tyson Rd/Vt Route 131 loop. This loop is a great combination of fun curvy roads and stunning views.


Kingdom Rd/Tyson Rd & VT 131 Loop



Turn south on iconic VT Route 100 to the scenic town of Weston, VT for lunch at the Bryant House Restaurant at the Vermont Country Store.


Bryant Restaurant



Vermont Country Store


Vermont Country Store


After lunch, continue south on Route 100 and then ride west on VT Route 11 to Manchester, VT. Ride south on VT Route 7A to Mount Equinox. Ride up the mountain on Skyline Drive for some great views.


Mount Equinox



The next part of the ride traverses a great riding region that many riders miss. Begin by riding west on VT Route 313 along the Batten Kill River into New York. The Batten Kill is known for trout fishing and Orvis has their headquarters here. Begin the covered bride part of the ride by crossing over the Batten Kill via the Eagleville Covered Bridge.


Eagleville Covered Bridge


Ride west on CR-61 to the Shushan Covered Bridge. This bridge is now a museum.


Shushan Covered Bridge


Next cross the Rexleigh Covered Bridge on the way to Salem, NY.

Rexleigh Covered Bridge



While in Salem, consider stopping for chocolates and other treats at Steininger's Chocolates.


Steininger's Chocolates


Follow county roads over to Cossayuna Lake and follow the lakeshore while enjoying some great water views.


Ride north on pretty CR-30 and continue north and west to Hartford. Continue west through Queensbury to Route 9.


Ride north on Route 9 past the historic markers for the Bloody Morning Scout and for Bloody Pond.


The Bloody Morning Scout was part of the Battle of Lake George during the French and Indian War. On 8 September 8,1755, 1200 British and Mohawk troops were marching south in this ravine to Fort Edward when they were ambushed by French and Indian soldiers. Many were killed including Col. Ephraim Williams, the founder of Williams College. The boulder where Williams fell is topped by an obelisk.


Col. Williams Marker


Williams Memorial


Across the street is William's grave. His troops buried him here and covered the grave with a large rock so that his body would not be defiled and scalped by Native American enemies.


Col. Williams Grave


The Battle at Bloody Pond was also part of the Battle of Lake George. British troops set out from Fort Edward to investigate what happened during the Bloody Morning Scout. They ambushed French troops at this spot and threw the bodies in this pond.


Ride north on Route 9 and continue to the hotel in Lake George.