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NER Dinner

We will all be dining on Saturday June 4th @ 6:30pm at the Wiseguys Sports Bar in Lake Placid (just down the street from the hotel.) http://www.wiseguyssportsbar.com/index.htm


We will be having a buffet. The cost is $17.00 per person which includes tax and gratuity. You will pay your $17.00 and be given a plate at the bar.

Buffet Menu:


bulletFruit Platter/Veggie Platter
bulletSwedish meatballs
bulletShrimp cocktail
bulletBread & Butter
bulletTossed Salad

Main Dishes:

bulletPasta Primavera
bulletBeef Stroganoff/egg noodles
bulletChicken and dumplings
bulletSausage, Peppers, and Onions


bulletDessert Platters
bulletCoffee Bar

There will be a cash bar. Bar tab and drink gratuity will be handled on your own.

Attending (25):

  1. Kevin Buckley
  2. Lisa Cheney
  3. Ed Conde
  4. Debbie Conde
  5. Kathy Donnel
  6. D.K. Drumheller-King
  7. Karen King
  8. Bob Fisher
  9. Kathy
  10. Mimi Harson
  11. Scott Rabler
  12. Marc Hoy
  13. Candace Hoy
  14. Magilla NER
  15. Chris Nebbia
  16. Laurie
  17. Greg Nebbia
  18. Theresa Nebbia
  19. David Randall
  20. Rebecca Rivenburg
  21. Karen Salemi
  22. Kate Murphy
  23. David Somers
  24. Karen Sturzenacker
  25. Javier Noguchi