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New England


White River Junction to Lake Placid Ride


This is a nice 152 mile ride from the Irving/Dunkin Donuts in White River Junction, Vermont to the hotel in Lake Placid, NY. Highlights include Vermont Route 14, Bethel Mountain Road, Vermont Route 73, Vermont Route 53 along Lake Dunmore, Vermont Route 125, Crown Point, Ensign Pond Road, NY Route 73, and Hurricane Road.   Google Map


(3 3/4 hours without stops)


Custom Map is a customized Google Map with more detail. GoogleMap is a classic Google Map.

GPX files are for older Garmin GPS that do not use Trip Planner like the Zumo 665/660, Nav V, and the Zumo 550. They are also good for phone Apps.

GPX-Shaping files are better for newer garmin devices like the Zumo 595/590, Nav VI, and the Zumo 396/395 that are limited in the number of waypoints they can use.

GPX-Track files are breadcrumb tracks of the route without turn-by-turn directions. Tracks will not recalculate and possibly change while riding the route

Turn-By-Turn is a list of directions for those that prefer paper maps.


Read this short document about how to easily download rides to your Garmin GPS: Link