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New England



2019 Foliage Ride

Date: Saturday 10/19/19, Rain Date: Sun. 10/20

***NO GROUPS! - Ride on your own or with a friend***

Ride Start is at the Shell/ Dunkin Donuts

167 Daniel Shays Highway (Route 202), Orange, MA 01364 (map)

Kickstands up at 9:00, Pre-ride meeting at 8:45


Ride Map


(Ride Report)

Follow the posted ride on your own or with a friend. There are no groups. 

Lunch will be at the Golden Eagle Restaurant located at the beautiful Hairpin Turn of the Route 2 Mohawk Trail.  http://thegoldeneaglerestaurant.com. We will arrive by noon when they open. Here is my review and a word about parking: (link)

Ride stops: Mobil Ashfield, Golden Eagle Restaurant, Mount Greylock, Hail to the Sunrise, and ride end at the Dunkin Donuts in Greenfield, MA.

Best Of the NorthEast (BONE) Roads: Wendell Road, Leverett Road, MA 116, Baptist Corner Rd, MA 112, Adamsville Rd, MA 8A, MA 2 (Mohawk Trail), Mount Greylock Rd, Bear Swamp Rd, Bardswell Ferry.


Part 1 (Shell Orange to Mt Greylock) is 99 miles.

Part 2 (Mt Greylock to DDs in Greenfield) is 92 miles.

GPX files are for older Garmin GPS that do not use Trip Planner like the Zumo 665/660, Nav V, and the Zumo 550. GPX (Shaping) files are better for newer Garmin devices like the Zumo 595/590, Nav VI, and the Zumo 396/395 that are limited in the number of waypoints they can use. GoogleMap is a classic Google Map that you can follow on your phone. Custom Map is a customized Google Map with more detail. Turn-By-Turn is a list of directions for those that prefer paper maps.

Read this short document about how to easily download rides to your Garmin GPS: Link



Attending (54)

  1. Ed Conde

  2. Debra Conde

  3. Daniel Donovan

  4. Bruce Freal

  5. Mike Law

  6. Dewin Garnsey

  7. John Baker

  8. Gary Zullig

  9. Marc Hoy

  10. Ailton Santos

  11. Lisa Cheney

  12. Laura Sweetshark

  13. Mike M

  14. John Brandt

  15. Janice Mathews

  16. Sharon McCarthy

  17. Rich Biegun

  18. Bob Woodsom

  19. Cheryl Woodsom

  20. Dennis Beltis

  21. Bob Miller

  22. Michael McClure

  23. Tom Kerrigan

  24. Satish Srinivas

  25. Dewin Garnsey

  26. Scott Hagar

  27. Cliff Canavan

  28. Joshua Allen

  29. Magilla NER

  30. Robert Blethen

  31. Noel Linback

  32. Ralph Grieco

  33. Kevin Lachendro

  34. Jeff Surette

  35. Karen Sturzenacker

  36. Jonathan Santos

  37. Chris Pero

  38. Chris Harris

  39. Ken Roy

  40. Hans Riemer

  41. Karen Salemi

  42. Bob Mitson

  43. Kerry Turgeon

  44. Kirt Senser

  45. Nancy Alves Martin

  46. Joe Prato

  47. Chris Bassett

  48. Kathy Stevens

  49. Bill Kelly

  50. Karl Braunbach

  51. Mimi Harson

  52. Scott Rabeler

  53. Erik Foley

  54. Dawn Lee