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2019 Foliage Ride Preview


Ride Map


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This is a spectacular ride, especially during foliage season. Part 1 is shown in red (99 miles) and Part 2 is shown in blue (92 miles.)


Part 1 - Orange to Mount Greylock

The ride starts at the Shell/Dunkin Donuts in Orange, MA.

Shell in Orange, MA


Turn right out of the driveway onto Daniel Shays Highway North. Continue past Route 2 and the turn left onto East River Rd and ride past Orange Airport. Turn right on Route 122 (S Main St) and cross Miller's River. Turn left onto Route 2A (W Main St) and ride to Wendell Depot. Turn left on Wendell Road and cross Miller's River.

Continue south on first of many Best Of the NorthEast (BONE) Roads - Wendell Road. This is a nice curvy road through forest and past lakes on the way south to Wendell. Proceed straight on Locke's Village Road toward Lake Wyola.

Wendell Rd/ N Leverett Rd


Wendell Road


Turn right onto Lakeview Road and ride past Lake Wyola State Park Public Beach. Lakeview Road turns to N Leverett Road (BONE) and follows Gardner Brook all the way to the Route 47 in Montague. There is sometimes law enforcement parked in hidden locations on this road.

N. Leverett Road


N. Leverett Road


Turn left on Route 47 and ride south along the Connecticut River to Sunderland. Turn right on Route 116 and cross the river to South Deerfield. Turn right to stay on Route 116/ U.S. Route 5. There is an Irving/ Dunkin' Donuts on the left that is a great alternate ride start. Bikes will pass here around 9:50. Leaving the Irving/ Dunkin' Donuts at 9:50 will allow riders to get to the lunch stop at the Golden Eagle at noon when they open.

Turn left to stay on Route 116 and pass I-91. Get ready for the best curvy road in Massachusetts. MA 116 (BONE) from Deerfield to Ashfield is as good as it gets. There are curves and scenery aplenty and the pavement is great. Respect this road, it can bite if you ride recklessly. There is often enforcement in Conway Center so keep your speed down in town.

Stop at the Mobil in Ashfield on your left for restrooms, fuel, and snacks.

MA Route 116 from Deerfield to Ashfield


Turn right out of the driveway and return east briefly on Route 116. Turn left on Baptist Corner Rd. This curvy gem has good pavement and nice views. Turn left on Shelburne Falls Road and follow the Deerfield River north to Shelburne Falls and the Bridge of Flowers.

Baptist Corner Rd

Turn right in Shelburne Falls and cross the Deerfield River. Turn left on Main Street and ride north along the river and pass Route 2. Main Street becomes MA Route 112 and follows the North River to Colrain.

MA Route 112


Turn left on Adamsville Road and cross the North River. Follow the West Branch North River and enjoy the quiet curves and scenery. Adamsville Road becomes W Branch Road and continues west to Route 8A.

Adamsville Road


Turn left on Route 8A. This stretch of Route 8A to Route 2 in Charlemont is one of my favorite roads in the State. It has great curves and pavement and traverses dense forest that seems little changed from Colonial times.

MA Route 8A


Turn right on Route 2 (Mohawk Trail.) This section of Route 2 along the Cold River in Mohawk Trail State Forest may just be the prettiest in the State - especially during foliage season.

Route 2 - Mohawk Trail


Stop at the Golden Eagle Restaurant (BONE View) located at the beautiful Hairpin Turn. I like the Vermonter burger and the incredible foliage views.

Golden Eagle Restaurant


Balcony View


Balcony View


Balcony View


Even if the regular parking spaces are tight, the owner said that we can park bikes along the guardrail. Since we are arriving when they open at noon, we should be fine.



There are also 3 parking areas at the hairpin. The traditional parking 1 is OK because the white fog line is actually about 8 feet from the curb. Lots 2 and 3 provide parking for plenty more bikes.

Hairpin Parking


Leave the restaurant, continue around the hairpin, and descend to the town of North Adams.

Turn left on Notch Road and begin climbing to Mount Greylock. Beware of some tight hairpins and hikers.

Road to Mount Greylock


Park in the lot at the summit to finish part 1 of the ride. Walk past the 3-D terrain sculpture of the area to the Veteran's War Memorial Tower. Be sure to look inside the tower as it has been renovated.

Mount Greylock - Veteran's Memorial Tower


Continue walking past the tower to the great summit vista.

Mount Greylock Summit Vista


Return to the bike for part 2 of the Ride.


Part 2 - Mount Greylock to Greenfield, MA

Descend from the summit the same way that you climbed.

Road down from Mount Greylock


Stop at the Fitch Overlook on your left for a great view.

Fitch Overlook - Mount Greylock


Proceed down Notch Road to Route 2. Turn right on Route 2 and then turn left on MA Route 8. Route 8 becomes Route 100 once it passes the Vermont border. Proceed north to Heartwellville, VT and then stay right to follow VT Route 100 Southeast to Readsboro. This section of Route 100 along the West Branch Deerfield River is one of my favorites. Turn right onto Tunnel Street in Readsboro and follow the Deerfield River into Massachusetts. There are great views of the Sherman Reservoir and the gorge near the Yankee Atomic Plant. Ride past the infamous Hoosac Tunnel. Climb Whitcomb Hill Road to MA Route 2 - Mohawk Trail (BONE).

Route 8/ Route 100/ Tunnel St


Turn left on MA Route 2 - Mohawk Trail and ride the great section that we visited earlier. This curvy & scenic stretch follows the Cold River as it drops through the Mohawk Trail State Forest - very nice! Watch for Law Enforcement who like to hide in the trees on the right as you approach Charlemont.

Route 2 - Mohawk Trail


Stop at the Hail to the Sunrise Monument. Park in the clear area on the side of the road at the far left of the photo below. Visit the reflecting pool in the foreground of the photo and the Mohawk statue at the rear. The reflecting pool is lined with 100 inscribed stones from various tribes and councils from throughout the United States. The Native American faces east to greet the sunrise and the Great Spirit. Debbie and I have passed this monument many times without stopping. We finally took time to visit and were glad that we did.

Hail to the Sunrise Monument


Hail To the Sunrise Monument


Hail To the Sunrise Monument


Continue east on Route 2 to the Cold River Cafe on your left just past the Route 8A bridge. Stop for restrooms and snacks.

Cold River Cafe


Take a right out of the driveway and ride briefly west on Route 2. Turn left on Route 8A and cross the Deerfield River. Turn right to stay on Route 8A and follow the river. Stay left and follow Route 8A south along the Chickley River toward Hawley. This is another nice stretch of Route 8A. The views are more farmland as opposed to the dense forest further north. Continue south all the way to Route 116.

MA Route 8A


Turn left on Route 116 and ride east to Plainfield. Turn left at Plainfield Congregational Church and follow Union St and N Union St north. These roads traverse a landscape that seems from long ago. You will feel as if you escaped to a Massachusetts of 100 years ago - very nice!

Turn right on North Street and follow it east and north. The road eventually changes name to Plainfield Rd. Turn right on Watson Rd and follow it south. Turn left to stay on Watson Rd. The road name changes to Bug Hill Rd. Turn left on Bear Swamp Rd and follow it past Upper Reservoir to Hawley Rd. Turn right on Hawley Rd and ride to Route 112.

Rural Back Roads


Cross Route 112 and the road becomes Route 116 in Ashfield. Turn left on Baptist Corner Rd. This curvy gem has good pavement and nice views. Turn right on Shelburne Falls Road and then left on Bardswells Ferry Rd. Follow this road to the historic Bardswells Ferry Bridge.

Baptist Corner Rd/ Bardswells Ferry Bridge


The bridge affords great views of the Deerfield River and its steep valley.

Bardswells Ferry Bridge


Cross the bridge and begin to climb on Bardswells Ferry Rd. There is a short stretch of bad pavement where riders will have to choose their line carefully. Bear right onto Zerah Fiske Rd and follow it north. Turn right on S Shelburne Rd and ride east toward I-91 in Greenfield. Bear right onto Fairview ST W and cross I-91. Turn right on Newton St and then right again on Route 2. The ride ends at the Dunkin' Donuts in Greenfield, MA on the right.