New England



Southeast Connecticut Ride

June 22, 2019 (Saturday)

***Ride your own ride - No Groups***

Ride Start: Vanilla Bean Cafe, Pomfret, CT (Map)

Kickstands up at 9:00 am, Pre-ride chat at 8:45


This ride will be a group ride without any groups! The idea is that there will be a number of stops along the way where riders can socialize. Riders will ride by themselves or with a few friends - there will be no large groups. Everyone rides at their own pace. The route is very nice with a number of "Best of New England" roads like Grassy Hill Rd, Mt Archer Rd, Joshuatown Rd, Hopyard Rd, CT 207, CT 169, and CT 97. Some of these may surprise you.

There will be a number of "Best of New England" stops at places like Gillette Castle, the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry, and the Devil's Hopyard Chapman Waterfall.

Lunch is at Harry's Place in Colchester, CT.

The ride is 132 miles:

Part 1 70.9 miles (Vanilla Bean to Ferry)

Part 2 - 61.1 miles (Ferry to Vanilla Bean)

Change from Part 1 to Part 2 while riding the ferry ($6.00). The burgers at Harry's are great!


GPX files are for older Garmin GPS that do not use Trip Planner like the Zumo 665/660, Nav V, and the Zumo 550. GPX (Shaping) files are better for newer garmin devices like the Zumo 595/590, Nav VI, and the Zumo 396/395 that are limited in the number of waypoints they can use. GoogleMap is a classic Google Map that you can follow on your phone. Custom Map is a customized Google Map with more detail. Turn-By-Turn is a list of directions for those that prefer paper maps.

Read this short document about how to easily download rides to your Garmin GPS: Link



  1. Ed (Easy Ed)

  2. Debbie

  3. Dewin Garnsey

  4. Colin Goyette

  5. Steve Batchelder

  6. Carl Right

  7. Ralph Grieco

  8. Rich Roy

  9. Silas Fitzgerald

  10. Jack Semer

  11. Pete Rhodes

  12. Chris Pero

  13. Joseph Arruda

  14. Bruce Freal

  15. Nancy McDowell

  16. Dave Randall

  17. William Whitten

  18. James Granberry

  19. David Spatt

  20. Randy Michon

  21. Gary Zullig

  22. Claire O'Brien

  23. Lisa Cheney

  24. Bill Ortiz

  25. Karen Sturzenacker

  26. Karen Dias

  27. Chris Harris

  28. Dave Houlihan

  29. Mary Huxley

  30. Marc Hoy

  31. Kevin Lachendro

  32. Nicola Parr

  33. Andy Solecito

  34. Ailton Santos

  35. Eric Foley

  36. Zoe Partridge