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               Quebec To New Hampshire Rides

1) Quebec City to Kingfield, ME


The Chaudiere River, Lake Mégantic, and Route 27 are part of the northern invasion route that Benedict Arnold and 1,100 American troops used during an unsuccessful invasion of Canada in 1775. Route 27 is a scenic byway. Route 16 follows the Carrabassett River and affords a great view of Sugarloaf Mountain.



Ride #1 - This 199 mile ride follows much of the northern half of Benedict Arnold's 1775 Invasion Route of Canada. Like Arnold's suffering troops, the ride visits the Chaudiere River and Lake Meguntic before cresting the Height of Land and entering the U.S. Stop at the nice vista at Chain of Ponds (photo) and then continue Arnold's route on Route 27, a scenic byway. Enjoy the view at Flagstaff Lake (photo) before finishing with Route 16 along the Carrabasset River past a great view of Sugarloaf Mountain. The ride ends in Kingfield, Maine. GoogleMap


Lunch is at Restaurant La Mont Blanc in Disraeli Quebec





2) Kingfield, ME to Sanbornville, NH


Route 142 is a scenic road that connects Kingfield with the Rangely Lakes area. Route 4 and Route 17 together form the  Rangely Lake Scenic Byway. The views on Route 17 at Beaver Pond (photo), the Height of Land (photo), and Coos Canyon (photo) are fantastic. Route 153 in New Hampshire is twisty and scenic.



Ride #1 - This 198 mile ride follows curvy Maine Route 142 to Route 4 and Route 17 Rangely Lake Scenic Byway. Route 4 has some great curves and a nice scenic vista (photo). Route 17 has great views at Beaver Pond (photo), Height of Land (photo), and Coos Canyon (photo). Green Woods Road and Maine Route 219 have some great riding. Once in New Hampshire, Route 153 is twisty and scenic. GoogleMap


Lunch is at the Campfire Grill in Bridgton, Maine (Tripadvisor) (Yelp).