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New England



Riding Safety:
Books & DVD


Here are some New England Rider's favorite books and DVDs on Riding and Safety. The books may be purchased at:, Barnes & Noble, among others.


Books on Riding and Safety:

  1. "Proficient Motorcycling" by David L. Hough  Great for the mental aspects of riding safety. (recommended by Bob, Ed, Eric).

  2. "Sport Riding Techniques: How to Develop real world Skills for Speed, Safety and Confidence on the Street and Track" by Nick Ienatsch. (Eric, Ed).

  3. "Total Control" , by Lee Parks - (White Lightning, UltraJJ) Very good chapters on steering, braking, shifting, and lines. (Ed)

  4. "Riding in the Zone," by Ken Condon (Ed)

  5. "Motorcycling the Right Way," by Ken Condon (Ed)

  6. "More Proficient Motorcycling" by David L. Hough (Bob, Ed)

  7. "Cornering Confidence: The Formula for 100% Control in Curves" by Jon DelVecchio (Ed)

  8. "Twist of the Wrist" by Keith Code. (Eric, Ed)

  9. "Stayin' Safe" by Larry Grodsky. (Ed) 

  10. "Motorcycling Excellence", by The MSF (Bob, JJ)


Slow speed maneuvering DVD:

  1. Ride Like A Pro. DVD     website  (Don, Ed, Eric)