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For a printable PDF copy of the pre-ride checklist click here


Group Riding Safety:
Ride Leader pre-ride meeting checklist

Suggested things to review
  1. Welcome riders & introduce yourself and sweep rider

  2. Outline itinerary for the day.  Review route and stops
    Pass out directions & maps for those who don’t have them

  3. Talk about staggered formation basics and likely single file conditions on the route

  4. Review the hand signals you may use during the ride & remind riders to pass them along in the formation

  5. Go over how to handle group separations

  6. Check that everyone has a full gas tank and ask if anyone’s bike will need gas in a shorter distance than you have planned for the fuel stops

  7. Go over the pace for the ride

  8. Ask if there are any new riders, or new to group riding riders – place them up front, behind and to the right of you, the ride leader

  9. If there are trikes or sidecar rigs position them in the group - sidecars up front, and trikes in the rear. 

  10. Remind all riders that these bikes have the whole lane; they do not ride staggered formation

  11. Remind all riders to “Ride your own ride” – “You are responsible for your safety”

  12. Questions?

  13. Ride safe and have FUN!

  Review the Hand Signals you will use on the ride

 Left Turnarm out straight


Right Turn – arm bent up

Road Hazardspoint with hand (left) or foot (right)

Moving Hazard on right finger pointing, hand over head

Single Filearm & finger straight up


Staggered Formation – arm & two fingers straight up

Slow Down – palm down, move extended arm up and down

 Speed up – palm up, move extended arm up and down

Need Fuelpointing to gas tank


 Need Refreshment – thumb to mouth

 Turn Signal on – open and close hand over head

 Tighten formation to standard 2 sec. & 1 sec. arm extended with sweeping motion forward