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New England

Elks Ride Preview


This 263 mile ride is a great combination of great roads, scenic views, and things to see.

Ride Map


The ride follows rolling Route 973 (Best Of the NorthEast Road) and Route 44 (BONE Road) west to curvy Hyner Mountain Road (newly paved!) Follow Hyner Mountain Road to Hyner View State Park & its scenic lookout (BONE View):

Hyner View - West View

Hyner View - East View

Route 120 (BONE Road) is a pretty ride that follows the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and travels through Bucktail State Park.

The route continues west on PA Route 555 (BONE Road) which is another great ride. Stop in Benzette to visit the majestic elks at the Elk Country Visitor's Center. You first meet meet this statuesque buck in front of the entrance:

Elk Statue at Visitor's Center


If you are lucky, you may see a herd run past like I did. I got the camera up for the last few stragglers:

Elk herd running past


The elk visit 3 main grazing areas. You can use the interactive PC video tracker in the visitors center to find where they are. The elk are most active early and late so try to get here before mid-day.

Find the Elks PC video


Lunch will be a picnic in Kettle Creek State Park. Pick up food after visiting the Elks at the Benzette Hotel Restaurant (call ahead at 814-787-4240 - it opens at 11:00). There is still one hour of riding before eating so stow your chow and get ready for some twisties.

Ride some of the best twisties in the State are on Wycoff Run Road (BONE Road). Wycoff is #5 on the list of NER Favorite Northeast U.S. roads: (Link)

Wycoff Run Road


Turn right on Route 120 and enjoy the river views before turning left onto Kettle Creek Road. This narrow, curvy road brings you to Kettle Creek Park. Enjoy your feast with a great water view! Park admission is free and it has a picnic area, grills, and restrooms.

Kettle Creek State Park


Leave the park and then turn south on PA Route 144 (BONE Road). The twisties between here and Renovo are some of the best in the State.

Turn east on Route 120, but do not let the great views lull you into complacency - more twisties are coming! Turn north on Route 664 (BONE Road) for some more curvy fun. You will smile at the end of this one.

Continue on Route 44 and Route 973 back to Williamsport. (approx 6 1/2 hours without stops).