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New England

High Knob Preview


High Knob Ride Map


This 243 mile ride follows curvy Route 87 (Best Of the NorthEast Road) to the Forksville Covered Bridge:

Forksville Covered Bridge


At the far side of the bridge is the Forksville General Store. This great store is a throwback to simpler times and is a fun stop.

Forksville General Store


Make sure you walk behind the store for a great view of the river and the bridge:

Forksville General Store - Rear View


Route 154 (BONE Road), is a great ride as it follows Loyalsock Creek through Loyalsock Canyon to World's End State Park and the High Knob Overlook:

High Knob Scenic Overlook

High Knob Scenic Overlook

High Knob Scenic Overlook


Next complete a short loop on U'S. 220 and Route 87. Pick up Route 154 again and follow it north. This stretch of Route 154 is an awesome curvy ride all the way up to lunch in Canton. Stop for lunch at the Warrior Lounge.

Next is a nice ride on Route 414 with a detour to Leonard Harrison State Park and its Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.

Grand Canyon of PA


The route continues on Route 414 along Pine Creek to Wolfe's General Store in Slate Run.

Next comes some great riding on Route 44 (BONE Road) and Route 973 (BONE Road) back to Williamsport.