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New England

Western Twists Ride Preview


This 260 mile ride starts with a scenic ride on Route 973 (Best Of the NorthEast Road) over hills, past farms, and along 4 different rivers. Route 973 is the first of 7 BONE Roads on this route. That does not sound overly impressive until you realize that Route 44 is 60 miles long and Route 144 is 75 miles long! Both of these roads are high on the NER Top 100 Northeast U.S. Roads.

Western Twists Ride


This route mostly travels through wilderness forest. Looking at the map below, you can see that there are only occasional glimpses of civilization. Get gas, food, and restroom stops while you can because you may not see another stop for a while. Fans of the Golden Arches will be disappointed!

State Forest Land


Did I mention that all of this wilderness is hilly with great curves and good pavement?

Terrain Map


Stop for lunch at the Subway in Snow Shoe or try the Snow Shoe Sandwich Shop next door. There is nothing fancy on this ride!

After lunch, ride east on narrow & curvy Little Marsh Creek Road/Marsh Creek Road (BONE Roads.) Woo Hoo!

The fun continues on PA Route 477 (BONE Road.)

PA Route 477


Enter Amish Country (watch for horse buggies) and make a quick fuel stop in Jersey Shore. The fun continues with a great twisting climb over a ridge on PA 554 (BONE Road.)

PA Route 554


Descend from the ridge and continue north to Williamsport.