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NER Groups


New England Riders has a few Facebook Groups where riders can communicate:

1) NER Facebook is where riders post and read about motorcycle-related topics like rides, RTE's, and special gatherings. There are over 4700 members.

2) NER Forum is not as active as NER Facebook, but allows subjects to be discussed in more detail. The folder structure better allows users to pull up older discussions.

3) NER Buy & Sell Classified is open to post motorcycle-related items for sale - or things you are looking to buy. Commercial businesses with things of interest to motorcyclists may also post here in moderation.

4) NER Charity Ride Listing is a place to post your charity ride/benefit event. This is open to everyone sponsoring a motorcycle charity event. Giving back to our sport and to people in need is part of the NER culture.

5) NER Photo Contest is a group for New England Riders to post and vote for photos for the NER Calendar. Photos submitted to this group will be voted on at the end of the month for inclusion in the calendar. All photos should include your bike and be taken during the contest month.

6) NER TAG is a group for those that enjoy motorcycle TAG. The idea is for one rider to post a photo of their bike in a Northeast location. To claim that TAG, another rider takes a photo of their bike at the same location and then moves the TAG to a new location.