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NER Dinner


We will all be dining on Friday September 13th @ ***6:30pm*** at The Barnsider Smokehouse BBQ (just down the street from the hotel.)

***The restaurant asks that diners stagger their arrival times between 5:45 and 6:30 to help the kitchen get the food out in a timely manner.***

I like their Saint Louis Ribs.

There is NO PREPAY for dinner. You will pay at your table that night.

*This event can hold 60 people if it needs to be held indoors. It can hold many more if the weather is nice and we can use the deck. If indoors, the first 60 will get a seat in our upstairs room. Anyone else will have to find a table downstairs.*

Attending (69):

  1. Ed Conde

  2. Debra Conde

  3. Donald Allen

  4. Joe Alwan

  5. Dana Duellman

  6. Nancy Alves Martin

  7. Phil Martin

  8. Mike Bell

  9. Robert Blethen

  10. Karl Braunbach

  11. Steve Bruning

  12. Ileana Castro

  13. Kimi Ceridon

  14. Oivind Brockmeier

  15. Lisa Cheney

  16. Nan Couleman

  17. Alan Cyr

  18. Steve Efthyvoulou

  19. Harlan Furbush

  20. Steve Gallant

  21. Char

  22. David Gamari

  23. Judy Gauthier

  24. Dewin Garnsey

  25. Conrad Gauthier

  26. Wayne Geiser

  27. Maryanne Geiser

  28. Dan Godin

  29. Colin Goyette

  30. Gardner Gray

  31. Mimi Harson

  32. Kevin Lachendro

  33. Sally Griffin Lavalley

  34. Gerry

  35. William Madden

  36. Magilla NER

  37. Holt McCord

  38. Kate Murphy

  39. Bill Nagle

  40. Greg Nebbia

  41. Theresa Nebbia

  42. Richard Padro

  43. Mitch Pivor

  44. Jeffrey Prince

  45. Scott Raebler

  46. David Randall

  47. Ken Roy

  48. Wendi Dugdale Roy

  49. Steve Smith

  50. Karen Salemi

  51. John Scheub

  52. Laura Anne Sweetshark

  53. Mike M

  54. Jeff Surette

  55. Brian TerBush

  56. Ken Thompson

  57. Pam Tolhurst

  58. Francisco Viera

  59. Rick Voutour

  60. Cheryl Voutour

  61. Scott "Bones" Williams

  62. Adam Winter

  63. Gary Zullig

  64. SB

  65. DD

  66. Larry Barasch