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New England




New England Riders Spring Meet & Greet

Saturday, May 9th 2020 (Rain or shine)

Boylston Lodge
12 Church Street, West Boylston, MA 01583

GoogleMap: map   Garmin GPS file: Garmin

Two hot dogs, potato salad and a drink

$5 donation to help pay for the Lodge and the food.


Come kick off the riding season with fellow New England Riders. Meet fellow riders, talk motorcycles, and have some quality hot dogs.

There is plenty of pavement parking and some dirt parking as well so bring a kick stand plate just in case. We will have indoor seating for 50+ and if its nice you can sit outside.

We look forward to seeing you.

Some photo's:





Attending: (28)

  1. Ed Conde

  2. Debra Conde

  3. Magilla NER

  4. Steve Bruning

  5. Steve Gallant

  6. Char

  7. Kate Murphy

  8. John Baker

  9. Rich Biegun

  10. Malinda D'Amico

  11. Arian Foldan

  12. Bruce Freal

  13. Pete Frost

  14. Dennis Grannis-Phoenix

  15. Doug Hayward

  16. Marc Hoy

  17. John Jackson

  18. David Marrier

  19. Sharon McCarthy

  20. Tom McGee

  21. Sue Mohler

  22. Steve Murthey

  23. Jeff Surette

  24. Mike Vertuli

  25. Lyle Chris Walker

  26. Bob Woodsom

  27. Cheryl Woodsom

  28. Gary Zullig