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New England


NER Member Map


Add yourself to the NER Member map. (I believe that you have to have a Google Account and be logged in.)

1) Go to this map: Map Link. The map that opens should look like the map below.

Figure 1


2) Your cursor defaults to the hand tool which allows you to move the map. Zoom in using the Zoom tool in the lower right corner of the screen. In between zooms, hold down the left mouse button and move the map so that your location is in the middle of the screen. Continue until you can easily see where you want to place your marker.

3) Move your cursor to the Add Marker icon shown in Figure 1. Press the left mouse button to select the Add Marker tool - your cursor will change to a cross. Move the cursor to the spot on the map where you want to add your marker and then press the left mouse button. An add marker window will open as shown in Figure 2 below. Move your cursor to the text box at the top of the window and change the Temporary Name to the name that you want. Finally, move your cursor to Save and press the left mouse button.

Figure 2

4) Move your cursor to the Change marker icon shown on Figure 2 above. A window will open with a motorcycle marker as shown in Figure 3 below. Move your cursor to the motorcycle icon and press your left mouse button to change your marker to a motorcycle. You are done!

Figure 3