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New England



Riding Resources:
NER Scribes


NER has some very talented writers. Visit their sites to learn more about riding, touring, food, and life:

A) Scott "Bones" Williams is a frequent contributor to RIDER Magazine and maintains the MotoBones website: (Link)

B) Ken Condon wrote the famous "Proficient Motorcycling" column for Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) Magazine and currently writes for Motorcyclist Magazine. Ken is also the author of the books Riding in the Zone and Motorcycling the Right Way. Both books give tips on improving your skills.

Riding in the Zone is an excellent blog: Riding in the Zone Blog

Street Savvy is Ken's blog for Motorcyclist Magazine: Street Savvy Blog

C) Ken Aiken is a Motorcycle-Tourism Consultant, Travel Writer & Photographer. Author of Motorcycle Journeys Through New England and Motorcycle Journeys Through Atlantic Canada:

  1. Motorcycle Journey's Through New England: (Link)

  2. Motorcycle Journey's Through Atlantic Canada (Link)

  3. RIDER Magazine - Vermont Cheese Trail: (Link)

  4. RIDER Magazine - Vermont Route 7A: (Link)

  5. Motofoodie - Riding and good food: (Link)

  6. Touring Roads: (Link)

  7. A Taste of the Florida Keys: (Link)