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New England



Other Riding-Related Info:
Books, Magazines, and Videos


Here are some New England Rider's favorite books, magazines, and videos about general motorcycling. Books & DVDs about motorcycle skills & safety are listed in the Riding Safety Page. All books may be purchased at:, Barnes & Noble, among others.


Books on Roads and Rides:

  1. "Motorcycle Journeys Through New England" by Ken Aiken (Ed)

  2. "Motorcycling Journeys Through Atlantic Canada" by Ken Aiken and Rannis Gillis. (Ed)

  3. "Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians" by Dale Coyner. (Ed)

  4. "The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel" by Dale Coyner - good touring reference. (Ed)

Riding and Reflection

  1. "Leanings" by Peter Egan (Debbie, Jim)

  2. "Zen and the Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig (Debbie, Ken)

  3. "One Man Caravan" by Robert E. Fulton Jr. (Debbie, Ed) Great story about Fulton's ride around the world in 1932!

  4. "Jupiters Travels" by Ted Simon (Debbie, Bill)

  5. "Long Way Around" by Ewen McGregor (Debbie)

  6. "Ghost Rider" by Neil Peart - Story of Neil Peart's, (singer of the rock band RUSH) 2 year ride on his BMW after the death of his wife and daughter. (Tim)

  7. "Against the Wind" by Ron Ayres - A rider's account of the Iron Butt Rally.  An insightful, fascinating read for the motorcyclist wondering what endurance riding is all about. (Bob)

  8. "Across America By Motor-Cycle" by C.K. Shepherd - 1919 account of across the US. I'm most of the way through and it is a terrific read, very humorous.(Steve G):



  1. Long Way Round - Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman (Tim)

  2. The World's Fastest Indian - Anthony Hopkins (Ed)

  3. Twice Upon a Caravan - by Robert E. Fulton Jr. (Debbie, Ed)


Some Favorite Magazines

  1. RIDER  (Bob, Bill)

  2. Motorcyclist  (Jim, Bill)

  3. Motorcycle Consumer News - lots of really good, unbiased information (Ed, Bob)

  4. RoadRunner (Ed, Bob)

  5. BIKE  (Eric)

  6. Motorcycle Sport & Leisure (Debbie)

  7. Cycle World  (Jim, Bill)