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Riding-Related Info


This page contains links to general motorcycle related information.


Books and Magazines - best motorcycle reading

Online magazines - good source of information

Weather - best weather sites and apps

Road Construction - Road construction by State and Province

Motorcycle Laws - Motorcycle laws for the U.S. and Canada

Bike Registration Requirements and Forms - for every State

Fall Foliage Tracker - Monitor peak color

Gear Care - How to take care of your gear

Gear Ratings - Video about spotting quality gear & helmets

Gear Waterproofing - How waterproof is your gear?

Helmet Fitting - Article on getting a great fit

Helmet Temperature - Great post about how helmet color.

Earplugs - Why this piece of gear is indispensible

Hot Weather Riding - Tips for riding when it is hot

Heated Gear - Great articles/videos on heated gear

Bike Shipping - Motorcycle shipping companies

Motorcycle Ergonomics - See how each motorcycle fits you

Tires - All about tires

Towing - The ins and outs of bike towing

Interactive Packing List - very cool packing list

Gear - links to some great gear

Insurance - all about bike insurance

Foreign Travel - Tips for traveling in other countries

Touring Assistance (volunteers to call for help while you're on the road)

Buy and Sell - sites for buying and selling

Rentals - Bike rentals

Bike Care and Maintenance - Keeping your bike in top shape

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