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On-Track Training Day:

Non-Sportbike On-Track Training Day

Tuesday July 16, 2019

Palmer Motorsports Park (map)

Palmer, MA


Ken Condon of Riding In The Zone and the folks at Tony's Track Days have created a day of On-Track Instruction geared toward a group like NER. If you have been a little hesitant to do a track day then this is for you. Riders will be broken down into 3 groups: cruisers, tourers, and sport tourers. No sport bikes will be blowing by you while you are on your Wing or your Harley. Please read the notes on gear. You need a full face or modular helmet, motorcycle jacket and pants (no chaps). Gloves and boots should overlap the jacket and pants so no skin is exposed when you are in the riding position. Gloves should be motorcycle specific and not work gloves or other types. Back protectors are STRONGLY recommended, but are not mandatory.

This is a great learning opportunity plus it is an absolute blast. Go at your own pace, get lots of classroom instruction, and work on the tips you are given on the same curves lap after lap.

Here is a link to the RIDER Magazine article about a previous event:

The price is:

$295 - Earybird pricing until June 1, 2019
(Garage space included if registered by June 1, 2019)

$325 - Regular pricing up to 2 weeks before event
$350 - Last minute pricing within 2 weeks of event

Price includes classroom sessions, riding, and catered lunch.

Sign up here: Sign Up.

You are not guaranteed a spot until you sign up at Tony's Track Days, pay your fee, and show up on this paid riders list: Paid List

What Will I Learn?

Session 1: Getting the Most out of Your Day: Learning the Track


Learn the Line


Why stay on the Line?


Cornering Lines: Benefits of a particular line. (Street and track)

Session 2: Braking & Shifting


Shifting Techniques


Braking techniques


Braking and downshifting before a corner.


Trailbraking to better control speed in a turn.


Braking points for track and street. Benefits of braking points and how to identify them.

Session 3: Steering


Cornering Precision




Vision for Cornering


Identifying Corner Locations: Entry, Apex, Exit (track & street)


Turn in locations – Identify proper turn in points (street and track)


Throttle Timing.

Session 4: Body Position (Interactive Garage Seminar)


Relaxed hands, hips, etc.


Body position track & street.

Link to the event on Ken's Riding In The Zone Blog:

Frequently asked questions:

The requirements for this track day are relaxed. Unlike a sport bike track day, this is all you have to do:

TECH INSPECTION:  For this day, we only want bikes that are in excellent road worthy condition with plenty of tire life remaining.  There can be no leaking of any fluids - be sure to check your fork tubes!  We will also be checking brake pads so be sure to have plenty of pad left. Riders will need to disable or tape over their brake light with blue painters tape followed by dark duct tape. You do not need to disable your headlight or turn signals. You do need to cover your headlight and/or turn signals with blue painters tape if they are glass. Plastic lenses do not need to be taped. You do not need to clamp or wire your oil filter. 

RIDING GEAR:  Riders will be responsible for having full motorcycle gear.  At a minimum, this means a motorcycle jacket and pants (no chaps).  Gloves and boots should overlap the jacket and pants so no skin is exposed when you are in the riding position.  Helmets must be FULL FACED.  High quality modular helmets will be allowed but must remain in the locked position when on track. Back protectors are STRONGLY encouraged, but are not mandatory.

Link to the event on Tony's Track Days:

Here is a typical day:

Here is some safety info:

Come join us for a great day!


"Non-Sportbike" On-Track Training Day


In an effort to encourage more types of riders to experience the racetrack, and to learn more about their bike and ability, we are offering this SPECIAL track day training day for NON-SPORTBIKE RIDERS.

Even though we see many non-sportbike machines at our regular TTD events, we know that there are people who ride Cruisers, Baggers, Tourers, Adventure bikes, and Sport Tourers who would feel more comfortable riding on the track with other non-sportbike machines.


A day of motorcycle training geared toward Touring bikes, Adventure bikes and Cruisers.  This is not a "how to ride" course - it's a "how to ride better" course.   As long as you are currently riding your motorcycle on the road, we'll help you ride it better!

While parking lot courses have their place, riding your bike on a track will let you practice riding skills at real-world speeds - without the normal distractions found on public roads (like cars, sand, cops, etc)

Throughout the day, you will alternate between classroom sessions and on-track sessions.

Our goal is to greatly improve your confidence as you enter and ride through a corner.



WHEN:  July 16, 2019

WHERE: Palmer Motorsports Park

HOW MUCH:  The price for the day is $295.  This will include a buffet lunch.


In General, every hour of your day will consist of both track riding and classroom.

-  on the track for 20 minutes,

-  then in the classroom for 15 minutes,

-  get a drink and gear back up, then back on the track.

FREE Classroom sessions will be held after every on track session until 4:00 for each group.

Monday Night – Tech opens (camping is welcome) 7PM – 9PM
Tech Opens 7AM - 8AM
General Riders Meeting/Orientation (ALL RIDERS) 8:15
SPORT TOURER GROUP Follow the Leader (Faster) 9:00    ON TRACK
TOURER GROUP Follow the Leader (Intermediate) 9:20    ON TRACK
    Classroom TOURER GROUP 9:45    CLASSROOM
CRUISER GROUP Follow the Leader (Slower) 9:40    ON TRACK
    Classroom CRUISER GROUP 10:05  CLASSROOM
SPORT TOURER GROUP OPEN TRACK (Faster/Advanced) 10:00am  &  11:00am
    Classroom SPORT TOURER GROUP 10:25am  &  11:25am
TOURER GROUP OPEN TRACK (Intermediate) 10:20am  &  11:20am
    Classroom TOURER GROUP 10:45am  &  11:45am
CRUISER GROUP OPEN TRACK (Slower/Novice) 10:40am  &  11:40am
    Classroom CRUISER GROUP 10:05am  &  11:05am
LUNCH BREAK - Buffet Lunch Included  
Classroom conducted after each session with an * Session Start Times
SPORT TOURER GROUP OPEN TRACK (Faster) 1:00*, 2:00*, 3:00*, 4:00
TOURER GROUP OPEN TRACK (Intermediate) 1:20*, 2:20*, 3:20*, 4:20
CRUISER GROUP OPEN TRACK (Slower) 1:40*, 2:40*, 3:40*, 4:40

NOTE:  You will initially be grouped by bike type, but we may move people up or down a group as their riding ability dictates.

If you are questioning your gear, feel free to send a link to a photo on the internet - or take a photo of your actual gear.  Send it to  (be sure to say that it's for the "non sportbike" day.)