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New England

311 Gap Ride Preview


This is awesome riding. Route 311 is as good as it gets.

Ride Map


This 278 mile ride begins with a nice ride south on Route 219 (Seneca Trail) to Droop Mountain Battlefield Park (map). The park is free and has multiple restrooms.

Droop Mountain Sign


Take the short park road to the observation tower and past cannons, a museum, and soldier's graves.

Droop Mountain Tower


Continue south on Route 219. Turn on CR 21 and follow it east into the Monongahela National Forest. Turn right on Route 92 and follow it south to White Sulphur Springs. Take a short detour to see the Congressional Bunker inside the Greenbrier Resort if it is of interest.

Congressional Bunker


Turn left and follow U.S. 60/I-64 for a little bit and then turn right on Route 311. This road soon crosses into Virginia and into the George Washington National Forest. The road briefly crosses back into West Virginia and goes through Sweet Springs. Now the fun begins!


Route 311 now crosses a series and ridges and is one of the better riding roads in the Region. The road becomes twisty and crosses into Virginia and the Jefferson National Forest. The twists continue as 311 crosses 2 ridges and then descends into Paint Bank beside Pott's Creek.


Follow the shore of the Paint Bank though the Gap of the ridge and then ride a twisty letter Z over Paint Mountain. Cross John's Creek and descent into New Castle.
Route 311


Take Route 615 north along Craig Creek. Turn left on Route 624, cross the ridge, and follow Rich Patch Road north to I-64. Ride I-64 along the Jackson River west into Covington and then turn north on U.S. 220. This is one great 2-lane piece of asphalt.
Route 220


Turn right on Route 606 (McGraw Gap Road) and put your big boy/big girl boots on. This super twisty crosses multiple ridges before dropping into Clifton Forge.
Sulphur Spring Road


Stop for lunch at the Vic's Family Restaurant in Clinton Forge, VA.

Take U.S. 60 east to Cliftondale Park and then turn north on Route 629 and follow Wilson Creek to Douthat Lake. This is a nice ride with a waterfall and lake on your left and woods on your right. Continue north along Mill Creek to Route 39 in Millboro. Turn left on Route 39 and follow Thompson Creek and Jordan Run through the Gap and then begin to climb. Stop at the Dan Ingall's Overlook.

Route 39 to Dan Ingall's Overlook



Dan Ingall's Overlook on Route 39 - Photo by Dave Hallock


Continue west to Warm Springs and then climb the ridge.

39 up and around the Ridge


Follow Spring Run and Big Turn Run west into West Virginia. Finally follow Laurel Creek, Douthat Creek, and Knapp Creek to Route 219. Turn right on Route 219 and ride north to the hotel.