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33 & 2 Knobs Preview


Route 33 is exceptional riding. Red Knob affords spectacular views. Route 250 is one of the best riding roads in the East.

Ride Map


This 241 mile ride starts by following Route 219 north to Elkins. WV Route 219 is a great riding road that travels north-south through Eastern WV.

WV Route 219


Turn right on Route 33 and enter the Monangahela National Forest. Route 33 is 90 miles of riding joy with great curves and scenery. The first stop is at Seneca Rocks.

Route 33


Enjoy the view of the serrated rocks while stopped at Yokum's Store at the corner of Routes 33 and 28.

Seneca Rocks


Leave Yokum's Store and ride briefly north on Route 28 to this scenic vista of Seneca Rocks.

Seneca Rocks - Photo by Dave Hallock


Return to Yokum's Store and then ride south on Route 33 to Riverton. Turn right on Briery Gap Road and ride to the top of Spruce Knob. Make sure to stop at the Spruce Knob View on your left before reaching the summit. The stop below the summit has the best view.

Approach to Spruce Knob


Spruce Knob View - Photo by Dave Hallock


Spruce Knob - Photo by Dave Hallock


Descend from Spruce Knob and continue east on Route 33 and stop at the scenic view overlooking the German Valley.

Route 33 overlooking the German Valley - Photo by Dave Hallock



Leave Germany Valley and ride Route 33 east and then south to Brandywine. Continue south on CR 21 (Sugar Grove Road) to Sugar Grove. Turn left on Cr 25 (Reddish Knob Road) and follow it to the top of Reddish Knob (video). This road becomes a tight, single-lane ride near the top with switchbacks.

Route 33, CR21 (Sugar Grove Rd), & Cr 25 (Reddish Knob Rd) to Reddish Knob


Reddish Knob - Photo by Dave Hallock


Ride County Road 25 west into West Virginia. Turn south on Route 220 and ride in back into Virginia and to the town of Monterey. Stop for lunch and the very friendly vibe at High's Restaurant.

High's Restaurant in Monterey, VA


Leave Monterey and head for the hills.

Monterey, Va



You will like this road!

Route 250


Route 250 has some stretches climbing and descending ridges that are as good as any riding in the region. What a great ride!


Stop at the pretty Route 250 Scenic View.

Route 250 Scenic View - Photo by Dave Hallock


Route 250 is a very pretty ride all the way back into West Virginia.

Route 250


Turn left on Route 219 and follow it south to the hotel.