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This 261 mile ride begins with various County Roads up to Buckhannon. Little county roads like these can be really awesome in West Virginia. These are some of the best.


County Roads


Take U.S. 119 north to Phillipi. If you have a taste for the macabre, cross over the Philippi Covered Bridge on your right to check out Mummies of the Insane.

Mummies of the Insane


Continue north on Route 119 and follow Berkeley Run to Grafton. Cross Tygart Valley River and then turn right on U.S. 50. Many U.S. Roads in West Virginia are very different from what we think of in the Northeast. Often they are 2-lane curvy gems. U.S. 50 is one of the best.

Turn right on U.S. 50 and follow Three Fork Creek. The road crosses the river and then begins to climb. This next stretch to Route 72 in Rowlesburg is great riding!

U.S. 50 to Rowlesburg

Turn left on Route 72. This is a very pretty road that follows the Cheat River north to Kingwood.

Turn right on Route 7 and ride it east to Terra Alta. Take Aurora Pike South back to U.S. 50.

Turn right on U.S. 50 and ride west from Aurora to Rowlesburg. This is another great 2-lane curvy gem.

U.S. 50 west from Aurora to Rowlesburg


Turn left on Route 72 and follow it south into the Monongahela State Forest. Stop for lunch at the Iron Bridge Bistro in Parsons, WV.

The next section of Route 72 from Parsons down to Davis is a very narrow & curvy road. Here is a screen grab to show you what it is like:

Street View of WV 72 from Parsons to Davis


It is a great ride, but if narrow and curvy bothers you then I suggest taking Route 219 north out of Parsons (nice road!) and then riding south on Route 32 to pick up the route in Davis.

Those that choose to ride Route 72 are in for a treat if you like curves. Check out the map below:

Route 72 from Parsons to Davis


From Davis, ride Route 32 south and follow the Cheat River to U.S. 33.

Turn west on Route 33, cross the ridge at Wymer and ride it to Route 219. Follow Route 219 south to the hotel.