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Antietam to WV Ride


First Ride the awesome Antietam Battlefield:


Then ride to Mingo, West Virginia:


This is a great day on a bike. Highlights include Antietam National Battlefield (map), Harper's Ferry Road, Harper's Ferry, Old WV Route 55, Seneca Roads, and WV Route 250.

Ride Map


This ride starts with a 9.2 mile Antietam Battlefield Ride. The Antietam National Battlefield (map) is every bit the equal of Gettysburg. The ride through the park is beautiful and a huge contrast to what happened here.

Antietam battlefield Map



Antietam Battlefield Tour


From the Park's website: "23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or missing after twelve hours of savage combat on September 17, 1862. The Battle of Antietam ended the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia's first invasion into the North and led to Abraham Lincoln's issuance of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation."



The displays in the Visitor's Center are very well done.

Items recovered from battlefield


The Dunker Church was the Northern Army's first objective.

Dunker Church


Northern troops marched through the cornfield on their way to the Dunker Church. Many did not make it.

The Cornfield


Southern troops lined up along the fence to repel the Northerners.

The Cornfield


Fighting then shifted to this sunken road. It earned the infamous name "Bloody Lane."

The Sunken Road (Bloody Lane)


The last major offensive involved Northern troops under General Burnside trying to cross this bridge which now bears his name.

Burnside Bridge


Budget a few hours for this remarkable Park.

Once done at Antietam, follow beautiful Harper's Ferry Road along the Potomac River to Harper's Ferry (map).

Antietam to Harper's Ferry, WV


Historic Harper's Ferry has a nice Old Town and a National Historic Park. John Brown tried to start a slave revolt and fought his last stand in the blockhouse below.

John Brown's Fort

Take some time to explore the streets of the Old Town and visit some park sites shown on the Google Map and the Park map. The combination of Antietam and Harper's Ferry make for a great start on the way to West Virginia.

Leave Harper's Ferry and cross the Shenandoah River to Virginia. Turn right on VA Route 671 (Harper's ferry Rd.) Turn right on Route 9 and cross back into West Virginia. Re-cross the Shenandoah River and turn south on Route 340. Follow Route 340, Route 7, and I-81 to Strasburg, VA.

Turn west on U.S. 48 (Corridor H) and ride through George Washington National Forest and into West Virginia.

Old WV Route 55


Just after you cross the West Virginia State Line, stop for lunch at the Kac-Ka-Pon Restaurant in Wardensville, WV. The restaurant is known for its pie!

Kac-Ka-Pon Restaurant Pie


Just after Wardensville, bear right onto Old WV Route 55. This road twists and turns beside the newer and straighter U.S. Route 48.


VA Route 55


Old VA Route 55 crossing under Route 48 - Photo by Dave Hallock


Turn south on U.S. 220 in Moorefield and follow it and Route 28 south into the Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area. Continue south to the great Seneca Rocks Scenic View.

Seneca Rocks - Photo by Dave Hallock


Ride a short distance south to Yokum's Store. Stop and grab a drink while enjoying this fine view. Alternatively, sit on the deck of the Front Porch Restaurant and have a slice of pie and a drink.

Seneca Rocks


Ride south on Route 28 all the way to U.S. 250. Turn right on Route 250 and enjoy a superb ride with great twists and views.

Route 250


Turn left on Route 219 and follow it south to the hotel.