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New River Gorge Ride Preview


Route 219. Route 60, and Route 39 are great riding roads. Droop Mountain Battlefield Park, the Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State Park, the New River Gorge Bridge, the Hawk's Nest Overlook, and the Highland Scenic Highway are all great things to see.

Ride Map


This 276 mile ride begins with a nice ride south on Route 219 to Droop Mountain Battlefield Park (map). The park is free and has multiple restrooms.


Droop Mountain Sign



Take the short park road to the observation tower and past cannons, a museum, and soldier's graves.

Droop Mountain Tower



Continue south on Route 219. Turn right onto CR23. Follow it and CR19 to U.S. 60. U.S. 60 from Rainelle to Route 41 is great riding. It is 2 lanes of great curves, elevation changes, and scenery.


U.S. 60 from Rainelle to Route 41



Turn left on Route 41 and ride into Babcock State Park (map) ($2). Park and see the famous Glade Creek Grist Mill.

Glade Creek Grist Mill



Return to U.S. 60 and follow it west to U.S. 19 in Hico. Turn south on U.S. 19 and ride it to New River Gorge Bridge (wiki). Stop at the Canyon Rim Visitor's Center (review). The Visitor's Center has a great view of the bridge from the back deck. There is no fee.


Descend down Fayette Station Road to the river. Cross the Fayette Station Bridge and the climb back up toward U.S. 19.

Fayette Station Road



View of the New River Gorge Bridge from the Fayette Station Bridge



Turn right on Keller Avenue and follow it into Fayetteville. Keep your speed down as Fayetteville has a reputation for rigorous speed enforcement. Turn right on Route 16 and stop for lunch at the Secret Sandwich Society (review).


Contine on Route 16 north to U.S. 60. Turn right and ride to Hawk's Nest State Park (map). Be sure to stop at the Hawk's Nest Overlook (free).

Hawk's Nest Overlook


There is another overlook just down the road called Lover's Leap with a tram down to the river ($6) for those looking for a closer view of the river.

Backtrack on U.S. 60 and follow it west to Route 16 in Gauley Bridge. Turn right on Route 16 and ride it north to Route 39. Turn right on Route 39 and continue through Summersville. Continue east on Route 39 to the Monangahela National Forest. Where Route 39 enters the Monongahela National Forest in Fenwick begins the Highland Scenic Highway (map). This route offers great views and nice riding.

Highlands Scenic Highway


Route 39 is some great riding all the way to the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center in Hillsboro. The center has some good nature displays, walking paths, and restrooms.

Turn left on Route 150 and begin to climb. There are 4 scenic overlooks on Route 150. From the south the first one is the Williams River Valley Overlook.

Highlands Scenic Overlook #3 - Williams River Valley


Next is the Big Spuce Overlook.

Highlands Scenic Overlook #2 - Big Spruce


Then the Big Little Laurel Overlook.

Highlands Scenic Overlook #1 - Little Laurel


The last overlook on Route 150 is the Red Lick Overlook.

Descend down to Route 219. Turn left and follow Route 219 north to the hotel.