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New England


West Virginia Rides

The mountains of Eastern West Virginia and Western Virginia is one of the very best riding regions in the East. The Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia is 1,439 sq mi of beautiful protected forest and we will ride through all of it. The George Washington National Forest of Virginia is 1,663 sq mi of beautiful protected forest and we will ride through all of it too.


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Swiss and Cass

The Swiss.





Ride - (Ride Report) - This 250 mile ride visits Route 15, Route 20, and Route 66 which are 3 of the best roads in West Virginia. Helvetia is a nice little Swiss village. The Green Bank Observatory and the Cass Scenic Railroad are great stops. The Cranberry Mountain Nature Center in Hillsboro and the Highland Scenic Highway are great ways to end the ride.



250 and 39 Loop

Route 250 and 39 are two of the best.


Ride - (Ride Report) - This 248 mile ride visits Routes 250 and Route 39 between I-81 in Virginia and WV Route 219 in WV. These are some of the very best riding roads in the east. Both of these roads cross a series of ridges which leads to spectacular scenic and twisty rides. Riding this ride is one of the highlights of an Appalachian trip.

Lunch is at the Southern Inn in Lexington, VA (photo)



33 and 2 Knobs


is a popular motorcycle destination.





Ride - (Ride Report) - This 241 mile ride starts on Route 33 which is exceptional riding. Red Knob affords spectacular views. Route 250 is one of the best riding roads in the East.

Lunch is at High's Restaurant in Monterey, VA.



New River Gorge


The New River .




Ride - (Ride Report) - This 276 mile ride.


Lunch is at the Secret Sandwich Society in Fayetteville.



311 Gap

Route 311.

Ride - (Ride Report) - This 278 mile ride.

Lunch at the Vic's Family Restaurant in Clinton Forge, VA.


50 and 72 Loop

offers visitors .

Ride - (Ride Report) - This 261 mile ride .

Lunch at the Iron Bridge Bistro in Parsons, WV.