Cross Ridge Twisties Preview

Cross Ridge Twisties Preview

This 212 mile ride traverses US 250 and WV 39 between VA Route 678 and US 219 in WV. These are some of the very best riding roads in the east. Both of these roads cross a series of ridges which leads to spectacular scenic and twisty rides. Riding this route is one of the highlights of an Appalachian trip. Highlights include the Hightown US 250 Overlook, the Dan Ingall’s Overlook, the VA 39 Hairpin, and WV 219.

U.S. Route 250 Map for WV and VA

U.S. Route 250 Map for WV and VA

Ride south on U.S. 219 out of Elkins for 20 miles to Huttonsville. Turn right on U.S. Route 250 and get ready for 55 miles of curvy, scenic fun. Route 250 snakes up and over a series of ridges and is as good as any riding in the region. What a blast!

Cross the border into Virginia and ride an awesome series of twists leading to Monterey.

Overview of Hightown Valley from U.S. Route 250

Hightown Route 250 View – photo Dave Hallock

Don’t blink or you may ride right past the overlook for the pretty Route 250 Scenic View. This view overlooks the Jackson River Valley, VA Route 640, and the ridge leading to Monterey.

The curves and scenery keep coming as you traverse that final ridge and drop down into Monterey.


High's Restaurant in Monterey, VA

High’s Restaurant in Monterey, VA

Stop for a cup of coffee at High’s Restaurant.

From their website:  “High’s Restaurant was once a saloon and brothel. You can become part of High’s history by adding your signature onto our wooden bench seats.

​The Liar’s Table: As they have for over 60 years, a group of the same Highland County residents let themselves into High’s each morning, often before the restaurant staff arrives, to prepare their own coffee, sit down with one another, and chum about. The townsfolk have notoriously pegged the table at which they sit as “the Liar’s Table,” by virtue of the often-fabricated stories they exchange with one another. In celebration of these locals and the lies they tell, we offer all of our guests a chance to win FREE food, shirts, hats, or other memorabilia for their participation in our exclusive “Liar’s Table” competition. To take part in the competition, simply come in, have a seat, enjoy a good meal, and share with us your greatest lies. The best lies win.”

Continue east on Route 250 to McDowell. Turn right on VA Route 678 (Bullpasture River Rd.) This is a wonderful ride along the Bullpasture River that is mostly without a center line and passes through hilly picturesque farmland. The road is off the beaten trail and gives the rider a great feel for the region. It is 30 miles of bliss.

In Millboro, turn right onto VA Route 39. This road is another great east-west road that traverses a series of ridges. The curves start to get fun as you approach the Dan Ingall’s Scenic Overlook

Alpine view from Dan Ingalls Overlook

Dan Ingalls Overlook – photo Dave Hallock

From the Virginia Tourism site: “The Dan Ingalls Overlook is situated on the spine of Warm Springs Mountain on Route 39. Dan Ingalls Overlook offers a stunning view to the East as well as access to the Warm Springs Mountain Preserve’s Dan Ingalls Overlook Trail. The Overlook provides an interpretive display explaining the historical significance of the location. Benches are provided.”


Warm Springs, VA Map

Warm Springs, VA Map

Descend from the overlook to the town of Warm Springs. Stop for lunch at the Inn at Warm Springs Tavern (Lunch: Wed-Sat 11 am – 2 pm.) Alternatively, try the Milk House Market at Old Dairy for some quality soups, salads, sandwiches, and wraps (10 am – 4 pm every day.) Both choices are on the ride map and in the gps file.

Red motorcycle parked beside the VA 39 Hairpin in Warm Springs, VA

VA 39 Hairpin in Warm Springs, VA

Continue west on VA Route 39 through some great curves. This part of VA 39 may be my favorite – very fun! The road turns back on itself at the VA Route 39 Hairpin.

Cross into West Virginia just after the hairpin and continue on WV Route 39 to Marlinton. Turn right on U.S. 219 and ride the great curves just north of Marlinton.

Stay on U.S. 219 all the way to Elkins and the trip hotel. Your tires should be well scrubbed in!