Eastern Twists Ride Preview

Eastern Twists Ride Preview

What makes this 220 mile ride unique is the quality and quantity of its great curvy roads. This ride vies for the title of best curvy ride in the Northeast. Highlights include NY Route 86 along the West Branch Ausable River, the base of Whiteface Mountain, Hasleton Rd, Hurricane Rd, Lincoln Pond Rd, Ensign Pond Rd, Boreas Rd/Blue Ridge Rd, NY Route 28N, Hoffman Rd, Schroon Lake, NY Route 74, Tracy Rd, and U.S. Route 9.

The ride starts with a scenic ride on NY Route 86 north along the West Branch Ausable River to the base of Whiteface Mountain. Whiteface Mountain is where the downhill skiing events were held at both the 1932 and the 1980 Winter Olympics:

Road with national flags leading to Whiteface Mountain and base lodge

Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort in Wilmington, NY

Continue north along the river on twisty Haselton Road to Ausable Forks. Turn south and follow the East Branch Ausable River to Keene. Turn left onto twisty Essex CR 13 Hurricane Road. This is the first of the great twisty roads on this ride.

Turn left on follow Route 9N east to the Stewarts in Elizabethtown. Rest up for the great riding ahead. This next section is some of the best riding in the Northeast.

Follow twisty Lincoln Pond Road south to Witherbee. The combination of twists and views along the Lake are tough to beat.

Turn right onto amazing Ensign Pond Road. This road is one of the very best curvy roads in the entire Northeast.

Next comes the great Essex Loop of Essex CR 84 (Boreas Road), Route 28N, and great & twisty Hoffman Road. This loop has it all.

Just before the turn onto Hoffman Road is a nice scenic BONE view at Olmsteadville Dam.

Olmsteadville Dam

Olmsteadville Dam

Leave the dam and ride great & twisty Hoffman Road. This road is an awesome combination of curves and elevation changes.

Catch your breath and get lunch at Flanagan’s Pub in Schroon Lake.

Flanagan's Pub in Schroon Lake, NY

Flanagan’s Pub in Schroon Lake, NY

After lunch, walk across the street to admire the nice view at Schroon Lake.

Memorial monuments in front of Schroon Lake in NY

Schroon Lake in Schroon, NY

Get back on the bike and follow Route 9 north and then NYS Route 74 past Paradox Lake. Turn left on Essex CR 2 (Corduroy Road) / Essex CR 47 (Amy Hill Road) and follow to Essex CR 7. Route 7 is a great ride here and is a great warmup for Tracy Road. Tracy Road is one of the best twisty roads in the region. The west end has some of the best curves anywhere. You will be very tempted to turn around and ride this one again.

Turn right on NY Route 9 and follow it north to the Stewart’s in Elizabeth. You should have a big grin by this point. Ride west on NY Route 9N to Keene, Turn right on Hurricane Rd and ride this gem for a second time in the opposite direction. Turn right on NY Route 73 and ride past Cascade Lake, Mt. Van Hoevenberg with its Bobled/Luge runs, and the Olympic Jumping Complex on the way to Lake Placid.