OHV Registration for Massachusetts

OHV Registration for Massachusetts

There was a great question posted by Chris Harris asking how to navigate this process, where a few others also wanted to know more. I crafted a quick how-to.

MA OHV Application

  1. Visit your nearest Massachusetts Environmental Police, also known as the Boat and Recreation Registration and Titling Bureau.  List of Office Locations
  2. Bring the following items with you:
    • Current motorcycle registration, or title, as proof you paid sales tax.
    • Completed Registration/Titling Application (or complete this at the office, they will assist you if needed). Link to application covering multiple recreation vehicle types. If that link does not work, go to this link and scroll to Registration and Titling Application.
    • License/photo ID.
    • Money (accepted methods are credit/debit card, check or money order – cash is not accepted). Make payable to the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts”:
      • $44 for two years (MA resident)
      • $33 (one year only) for Non-Residents.



MA OHV Proof of Sales Tax StatementIf the offices are closed due to COVID-19, you may mail in the above. Make a photo copy of the registration and form, and pay by check or money order, and should be made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

FAQ’s I felt may be useful here:

  • How long is the OHV registration valid?
    -Good for 2 years and the OHV season is May 1 through November 1.
  • Where are the MA OHV parks located?
    -Locate a park near you: https://www.mass.gov/ser…/find-a-state-park-ohv-riding-trail
    -Hodges Village Dam, Oxford, MA requires an OHV sticker and is not on the above list as it falls under the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. https://www.nae.usace.army.mil/…/Recrea…/Hodges-Village-Dam/
    MA OHV Registration Methods
  • If I am looking for dirt roads, are there any other non-OHV areas/roads in MA I may ride my motorcycle?
    -Yes, there are a number of options as there are many dirt roads in Massachusetts. If you want to get lost, follow the off-roadentz, Paul Provost and Ken Struble. All kidding aside, here are some ideas:
    -Rutland State Prison Camps, Rutland, MA.
    -Hodges Village Dam, Oxford, MA.
    -Hawley State Park, Hawley, MA.
    -H.O. Cook State Forest, Colrain, MA.
    -Wendell Stat Forest, Wendell, MA.
    -Central and Western Mass has many dirt roads.
    -Follow other NER folks.
    -Respect all signs, private property, etc. Be safe and have fun.
  • Can I register if I am out of state?
    -Yes, it’s $33 for non-residents.
  • Can I take my cruiser, large adventure bike, etc. into the OHV parks? (Humor alert)
    -Sure, watch this!: https://youtu.be/EMrxee_fazo
  • Who is the contact for the Massachusetts OHV Coordinator?
    -Scott Morrill – 436 Dwight Street, 5th Floor, Springfield, MA 01102. Phone: 413-7552143 https://www.mass.gov/servic…/off-highway-vehicle-program-ohv
  • Could I take my kids riding?
    -Operators under 18 years of age must take the OHV Safety and Responsibility Course to legally operate in Massachusetts.
  • How may I get involved in OHV programs?

Resource Links where most of this information is located:
1. https://www.mass.gov/…/first-time-atv-and-snowmobile-regist…
2. https://www.mass.gov/servic…/off-highway-vehicle-program-ohv

(originally posted to the New England Riders Facebook group)