Two Knobs Ride Preview

Two Knobs Ride Preview

This 213 mile ride has superb riding and spectacular scenery. Highlights include U.S. Route 33, Briery Gap Rd, Spruce Knob, the Germany Valley Scenic Overlook, Sugar Grove Rd, Reddish Knob Rd, Reddish Knob Scenic View, Moyers Gap Rd, U.S. Route 250, the Hightown U.S. 250 Overlook, and U.S. Route 219.

Start by riding south a short ways on U.S. 219. Turn left on U.S. Route 33 and enter the Monangahela National Forest. Route 33 is 90 miles of riding joy with great curves and scenery.

Seneca Rocks, WV Map

Seneca Rocks, WV Map

The first stop is at Seneca Rocks. Enjoy the view of the serrated rocks while stopped at Yokum’s Store at the corner of Routes 33 and 28. Leave Yokum’s Store and ride briefly north on Route 28 to the scenic vista of Seneca Rocks.


Red motorcycle parked in front of Seneca Rocks in WV

Seneca Rocks in WV

Seneca Rocks are almost 900 feet tall and are very popular with Rock Climbers.

Return to Yokum’s Store and then ride south on Route 33 to Riverton.

Turn right on Briery Gap Road
and ride some awesome twists to the top of Spruce Knob. The view on your left before the summit is special.

Motorcycle stopped on Spruce Knob with expansive views of the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia.

Spruce Knob in WV – photo Dave Hallock

Spruce Knob (4863 ft) is the highest Allegheny Mountain point in the entire range, which spans four states. The two viewing areas and the tower offer incredibly scenic views.

View overlooking Germany Valley in WV

Germany Valley Overlook – photo Dave Hallock

Descend from Spruce Knob and continue east on Route 33 to the Germany Valley Overlook. This gorgeous valley was originally settled by German (including Pennsylvania Dutch) farmers in the mid-18th century.

Leave Germany Valley and its great curves and descend the ridge and ride to Brandywine. Continue straight (south) on CR 21 (Sugar Grove Road.) This is a beautiful 2-lane country road that runs beside the South Fork South Branch Potomac River and along wooded ridges and bucolic farms.

Motorcycle parked Reddish Knob in Dayton, WV with expansive views of the Allegheny Mountains.

Reddish Knob in Dayton, WV

Turn left on CR 25 (Reddish Knob Road) and follow it to the top of Reddish Knob. This road becomes a tight, single-lane ride near the top with switchbacks. It is is exceptional riding and affords spectacular views.

Retrace your route down Reddish Knob Road and continue west through some great curves on Moyers Gap Road to U.S. Route 220. Turn left on U.S. 220 and enjoy a relaxing sweeper ride along the South Branch Potomac River. Turn right on U.S. 250 in Monterey and stop for Lunch at High’s Restaurant.

High's Restaurant in Monterey, VA

High’s Restaurant in Monterey, VA

From their website:  “High’s Restaurant was once a saloon and brothel. You can become part of High’s history by adding your signature onto our wooden bench seats.

​The Liar’s Table: As they have for over 60 years, a group of the same Highland County residents let themselves into High’s each morning, often before the restaurant staff arrives, to prepare their own coffee, sit down with one another, and chum about. The townsfolk have notoriously pegged the table at which they sit as “the Liar’s Table,” by virtue of the often-fabricated stories they exchange with one another. In celebration of these locals and the lies they tell, we offer all of our guests a chance to win FREE food, shirts, hats, or other memorabilia for their participation in our exclusive “Liar’s Table” competition. To take part in the competition, simply come in, have a seat, enjoy a good meal, and share with us your greatest lies. Those who share with us what we believe to be the best lies win.”


Overview of Hightown Valley from U.S. Route 250

Hightown U.S. 250 Overlook – photo Dave Hallock

Route 250 has some stretches climbing and descending ridges that are as good as any riding in the region. What a great ride! Stop at the pretty Route 250 Scenic View. This view overlooks the Jackson River Valley, VA Route 640, and the ridge leading to Monterey.

Continue riding Route 250’s great curves all the way to U.S. Route 219 in Huttonsville. Turn right on Route 219 and ride it north to the hotel in Elkins.