Vermont North Gaps LP Ride Preview

Vermont North Gaps LP Ride Preview

This 236 mile ride visit some of the best roads and scenic views in the eastern Adirondacks and in the Vermont Gaps. Highlights include NY Route 73, Hurricane Rd, Lincoln Pond Rd, Tracy Rd, Ensign Pond Rd, Crown Point, the Champlain Bridge, VT Route 17, VT Route 125, the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail, the Bread Loaf Campus, Texas Falls, VT Route 100 through Granville Reservation, Moss Glen Falls, the Warren Store, VT Route 17 over Appalachian Gap, and the Charlotte-Essex Ferry.

The ride starts with a scenic ride on Route 73 past the bobsled track and the ski jumps.
Continue east on Route 9N to Elizabethtown. Turn right on Essex CR-7 (Lincoln Pond Rd). This is a great curvy ride with water views.

2 motorcycles parked beside Lincoln Pond in Elizabethtown, NY

Lincoln Pond View in Elizabethtown, NY

Turn right on spectacular Tracy Road and enjoy the fun twists approaching Route 9. Turn left on Route 9 and then left again on Ensign Pond Road. This road may just be the best twisty road in the Northeast.

Stop at historic Crown Point. Admire the view of the Champlain Bridge and visit the the ruins of the British Fort Crown Point. This fort guarded passage along the lake and was important to both the British and the Americans during the Revolutionary War. Restrooms are available.

Motorcycles and riders in a park with the Lake Champlain Bridge in the background.

Crown Point view in Crown Point, NY

Crown Point Fort

Crown Point Fort

Crown Point Map

Crown Point Map

Leave the park and cross over Lake Champlain on the Champlain Bridge to Vermont.

Turn right on VT 116 and eventually turn left on VT 125. Cross Middlebury Gap and the turn left on Texas Falls Rd. Stop at Texas Falls for a great view. Restroom is available.

View drom a walking path down to Texas Falls in Hancock, VT

Texas Falls in Hancock, VT

Turn left on VT 100 and ride through Granville Reservation. See pretty Moss Glen Falls on the left.

2 motorcycles stopped roadside in front of Moss Glen Falls in Granville, VT

Moss Glen Falls in Granville, VT

Turn right on Covered Bridge Rd and stop at The Warren Store for lunch. Be sure to sit out on the
deck for a nice water view.

Continue north on VT 100 and then turn left on VT 17. This is one great curvy road that has some
very technical curves before and after Appalachian Gap.

Route 17 winding down from Appalachian Gap in Huntington, Vermont

Appalachian Gap in Huntington, VT

Turn right on VT 116 and then ride west to the Charlotte-Essex Ferry. What an awesome and scenic way to enjoy the trip back to New York. The 20 minute ferry crossing ($6.50) (ferry schedule) leaves VT every 1/2 hour until 5:30pm, hourly from 5:30 pm to 8:30pm).

Charlotte-Essex Ferry

Charlotte-Essex Ferry

Leave the ferry and follow a series of great backroads over to Elizabethtown. Ride NY 9N west to
Essex CR-13 (Hurricane Road) and experience a great tight and twisty ride.

Turn right on scenic NY Route 73 and enjoy great alpine views to Lake Placid. Turn left on NY 86 and follow it back to Lake Placid.