Attending NER Trips

The New England Riders multi-day trips will allow you to explore many of the best riding regions in the East. The rides are the result of months of planning/scouting, and (we believe) are the best rides from each region that we have seen published anywhere. While our trip pages are great for planning out your own ride-cation, attending one of our scheduled trips is a great way to meet other riders in the group and build lasting friendships built on shared experiences.

Below is some general information about NER trips, always refer to the specific instructions and details provided by the trip organizer for a given trip.


Free! You just need to cover your own boarding, food, and out-of-pocket expenses.

We negotiate group rates for a block of rooms at a centrally located hotel in the area. There is usually one “big dinner” event planned for the weekend during the trip, with costs announced in advance by the trip organizer.


This is pretty informal. Once a trip has been scheduled and announced publicly, follow the booking instructions on the trip’s web page to contact the host hotel and reserve your room.

Then just notify the trip organizer of the dates you plan to attend the trip.

The trips are usually scheduled Wed-Sun, although many riders will arrive early to get in more riding time. Some folks only show up for the weekend and to join us at the NER dinner event.


There are no formally organized rides during NER trips. Attendees are encouraged to socialize and form smaller groups to go out riding together after deciding on one of the day rides suggested for the trip (or something else entirely). Hang out and talk with other riders in the lobby, the parking lot, and at the meals, and then tag along with a group going your way.