Louisbourg Lighthouse

This historic site, where Canada’s first lighthouse was first lit in 1734, offers one of the most picturesque coastal vistas in Nova Scotia. The existing lighthouse was built in 1923 and although not open to the public will defy you not to take its picture.

Point Arena Lighthouse

Gorgeous views of the solitary lighthouse against the Pacific. Great museum inside during visiting hours, with a real first order Fresnel lens (the biggest) on display.

Shelburne Museum

This is one of Vermont’s best kept secrets and a very cool place. Americana is exhibited in 39 buildings and includes an outdoor history collection with many relocated items: a lighthouse, a steam locomotive, a covered bridge, an operating vintage carousel and the huge steamboat Ticonderoga. Their website does not convey just how terrific this place is. To do it justice plan on 4 hours however, you could easily spend a day.

Stony Point Battlefield

One of the last major Revolutionary War battles in the northeastern colonies occurred on this dramatic peninsula, which rises high over the Hudson River. There is about a quarter mile hike up a steep but paved driveway from the parking lot to the museum, then a nice foot path with interpretive signage and great views of the river.

The Stony Point Lighthouse, built in 1826, is the oldest lighthouse on the Hudson River.