Specialty Store

Cabot Farmer’s Store

The Cabot side sells every kind of cheese you can think of, plus tons of free samples throughout the whole store. Crackers, cheese, jelly’s & Jams. Plenty to eat for free when you stop buy. Plus in the same building, right next door is Lake Champlain Chocolates store. Not too many samples here, but from what Michelle says its a great place for the chocolate nut.

Knights Spider Web Farm

OK, so this is a little quirky and certainly not for those with acrophobia. The original owner mastered a process to preserve and mount real spiderwebs onto wooden plaques. This is a small operation that has caught national attention due to it’s uniqueness. 45 minutes for this “something different stop.”

Mabry Mill

One of the most photographed spots on the parkway. There is an interpretive trail with exhibits about Appalachian life. On Sundays there are often informal music gatherings. Weekend exhibits are not uncommon. If you get a chance, go visit the Meadows of Dan, at milepost 177.7. Very sweet little town.