Books and Video on Riding Technique & Safety

Listed below are some NER-recommended books and DVDs on Riding Safety and Technique.


Proficient Motorcycling
by David L. Hough. Great for the mental aspects of riding safety. (recommended by Bob, Ed, Eric).

Sport Riding Techniques: How to Develop real world Skills for Speed, Safety and Confidence on the Street and Track by Nick Ienatsch
(rec by Eric, Ed).

Total Control by Lee Parks
Very good chapters on steering, braking, shifting, and lines. (rec by Ed)

Riding in the Zone by Ken Condon (rec by Ed)

Motorcycling the Right Way
by Ken Condon (rec by Ed)

More Proficient Motorcycling
by David L. Hough (rec by Bob, Ed)

Cornering Confidence: The Formula for 100% Control in Curves by Jon DelVecchio (rec by Ed)

Twist of the Wrist by Keith Code. (rec by Eric, Ed)

Stayin’ Safe by Larry Grodsky. (rec by Ed)

Motorcycling Excellence by The MSF (rec by Bob, JJ)



Ride Like A Pro by Jerry Palladino
DVD of slow speed maneuvering techniques (rec by Don, Ed, Eric)

Cornering Technique Presentation by Ken Condon
YouTube video Ken of “Riding in the Zone” and “Motorcyclist” Magazine gave this presentation about motorcycle cornering at Wilkin’s Harley-Davidson in South Barre, VT.

Rock the Gear by Neil Cotter
Neil crashed head-on into an elderly driver and broke many bones. This YouTube video is about Neil’s commitment to wearing proper riding gear.