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A diverse community of riders with an established culture of tolerance and light-heartedness. Meet for organized rides or just talk bikes online.



It’s all about the Ride – exploring the most scenic and fun motorcycling roads and destinations.

Community Guidelines & Netiquette

Below are the keystones of NER’s culture, to be followed when participating in our online forums. Be respectful of others. Hang around – get a feel for the “spirit” of the place before jumping in. Keep it on topic –…

Filter NER Google Maps View

NER maintains a distinct custom Google Map for each riding Locale on the website. These Locale-based maps include all Route Elements (roads, restaurants, views, etc) for that Locale, separated into “layers”. Although all layers are shown by default, you can…

History of New England Riders

A scattered history of our stalwart group! First NER Ride contributed by NER founding member, Rich (IMRICHNH) George was always a friendly guy and always willing to help. We all started in the Shadow Rider’s Forum. Of course with a…



We value improvement of motorcycling skills through rider training, self-education, and practice of safe riding habits.

NER Calendar

NER Calendar

*** NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR THE 2021 CALENDAR¬† *** Click here to see the winning photos NER’s calendar features the winning rider-submitted photos from the previous year’s monthly photo contest. We sell them at cost, plus a couple bucks to…

NER Member Map

Feel free to add yourself to the NER Member map (instructions below). I believe that you have to have a Google Account and be logged in. Adding Your Location Marker Click to edit the Google Map. Drag the map around…

NER Merchandise

In response to many requests for a NER t-shirt, our “e-store” on Cafepress was established. Initially there were a few t-shirts using the NER logo, but it has since grown and now has several graphic designs on many products. The…

NER Online Community

New England Riders communicate and socialize in-between rides and events, via the following online groups and forums: On Facebook New England Riders is our primary Facebook group, where riders post and read about motorcycle-related topics like rides, RTEs, and special…



Be proud of our riding community, spread NER culture, and spot fellow New England Riders out on the road.