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For the northeasterner, used to abundant green foliage and evidence of water everywhere you look, the dried out dead-looking landscape of Nevada can look a bit unfriendly and even ugly. The state doesn’t boast as many curves as its neighbors, and there is a lot of vast desert plain to ride through, often framed by brown treeless mountain ranges. But spend enough time rolling down isolated highways, through small dusty towns, past beat-up fossil shops and alien propaganda, and appreciation may eventually come.

There is great beauty here to enjoy while riding, once your eyes know how to find it. Besides the quintessential lonely road, US 50, which cuts through the center of the state, a more southerly route includes the isolated Extraterrestrial Highway (NV 375). The Great Basin Highway (US 93) is another scenic ribbon of tarmac running along the eastern edge of the state, through landscapes sprinkled with joshua trees.