MTF Tourer’s Assistant Database

mtf logoThe Motorcycle Tourer’s Forum is another online group of like-minded motorcyclists similar to NER, but focused on longer riding journeys. They mostly congregate in a Delphi Forum and also have a Facebook group. They also maintain an online database of riders who have offered to be listed as a source of aid for other motorcyclists passing through their area.

FROM NERd Dennis Collin:

Al from the Motorcycle Tourers’ Forum has given the OK for New England Riders who wish to offer assistance (in various forms) to riders in our area to sign up to use the online database. There are full instructions on the website. Todd Ryan (DRTRYAN) is one of their validators, and no information is made public nor are potential participants given full access until they are verified by phone. I’ve been a participant since its inception, and have never gotten a call for emergency assistance, so it’s not like you’ll be the local AAA service … grin! You don’t even have to offer emergency assistance, but can just offer touring info and the like. It’s all up to you, and all controlled by you through the online interface. It’s the shiznit!

I’d like to suggest that we NERds include (NER) in either the name fields or the nickname fields, which will make searching for NERds easier. Here’s how my listing displays … information such as street address and phone numbers is optionally displayed according to how you set up your profile. Very cool.

sample entry from MTF database

Anyway, here’s the link to the application. Hope we get New England covered.

MTF Tourer’s Assistant