NER Reviews and Ratings

New England Riders with website user accounts can review/rate the routes and amenities listed on this website.

Route Ratings

Every route (Road or Day-Ride) on the NER site has two ratings.

The NER Rating is a loose consensus-based rating on various characteristics of the route, to give riders a general idea of what to expect. Only NER admins can set this one-per-route rating.

The Rated by Riders section is where you can see ratings/reviews by riders who have recently ridden the route. You can rate it on a simple 1-5 star scale, leave a brief review, and indicate the road surface conditions (required).

Unpaved routes are rated slightly differently, based on Attractions and Technical Difficulty.

Restaurant and Accommodations Ratings

NER’s restaurant listings are meant mostly for great lunch & breakfast type places that are appropriate to stop in at during a motorcycle ride. Hotels and campgrounds are also to be listed/rated specifically with the motorcyclist in mind. We are not trying to be Yelp or TripAdvisor.

The ratings categories reflect basic quality and staff service, plus more MC-specific concerns like attire and parking. Not every submitted location can be vetted before we list it. If a place starts getting enough poor ratings, it is likely to be removed from NER’s database. We want to reflect only the best (for motorcycling purposes) on our site.

View/ Edit Your Ratings

While logged in, simply visit your My Ratings dashboard page to view and edit all the reviews and ratings you’ve submitted on the site.