Ride Leader Pre-Ride Meeting Checklist

Ride Leader Pre-Ride Meeting Checklist (PDF)

Suggested agenda to review prior to an NER group ride:

  1. Before the meeting, suggest all leads/sweeps get their voice comms connected and operational in time for ride departure.
  2. Welcome riders & introduce yourself and sweep rider. If splitting the ride into multiple groups, introduce all leader/sweep combos and have riders go stand with their group.
  3. Outline itinerary for the day.  Review route and stops.
    Pass out directions & maps for those who don’t have them.
  4. Talk about staggered formation basics and likely single file conditions on the route.
  5. Review the hand signals you may use during the ride (chart below) & remind riders to pass them along in the formation.
  6. Go over how to handle group separations.
  7. Check that everyone has a full gas tank and ask if anyone’s bike will need gas in a shorter distance than you have planned for the fuel stops.
  8. Go over the pace for the ride.
  9. Ask if there are any new riders, or new to group riding riders – place them up front, behind and to the right of you, the ride leader
  10. If there are trikes or sidecar rigs position them in the group – sidecars up front, and trikes in the rear. Remind all riders that these bikes have the whole lane; they do not ride staggered formation
  11. Remind all riders to “Ride your own ride” – “You are responsible for your safety”. When in doubt, pull out of the group and just meet up at the stops at their own pace.
  12. Questions?
  13. Ride safe and have FUN!

chart of riding hand signals