Best of Catskills Ride

Miles 153
Ride Time 05:00 w/o stops
Endpoints Catskill, NY, Catskill, NY
Surface Paved
Submitted By Ed Conde

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This ride includes some of the very best roads and sites in the Catskills – Rondout Reservoir, CR 47, CR 42, NY 28A along the Ashokan Reservoir, NY 214, Platte Cove Road, Ohayo Mountain Road (map), Woodstock, and Phoenicia.

Stop for lunch and a great view in Phoenicia at Brios or Sweet Sues.

Stop in Woodstock which was the inspiration for the famous music festival.

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Best of Catskills Ride 5.00/5 (1 Review )

  • Best of Catskills Ride

    Aug 22, 2020

    • Rider Rating

    This was my first NER ride, so I cannot compare it to the others on the website, but only to my own route-planning.  I left New York City at 7am (August 2020) and rode up the Taconic Parkway to Hudson.  I love the Taconic, and warn everyone about the speed traps.  They will nail you with a several hundred dollar fine for going 5 over.  I had breakfast in Hudson NY at MotoMachine Moto Cafe.  They are mad about motorcycles, and cannot decide if they are  cafe or a dealership.   From there, I crossed the Hudson and headed to the start of the GPS route.  I was shocked when the GPS directed me off the beautiful route 23A, to 30.  That's typical of this route: trust it.  The road you see looks good, but the one on the route is better.  The way that the roads are linked is magic. I rode this in the summer, and although there are places to eat noted, I didn't use them.  I spent my money on my bike, and happy to save $20 by taking sandwiches and a flask of coffee.  I have developed a habit of searching for a quiet spot on a road, which follows a river to have my sandwich (coffee and cigar).  Roundout Resovoir would be nice, but there are plenty.  After a perfect day of blue sky and 70 degrees, with very little traffic, I took a "short cut" of the New York Thruway back to the city.

    This ride took 3 years from me, as I relaxed with somebody else doing the planning.  I have been riding for 40 years, and honestly felt that it might be time to stop.  I simply don't like riding i95 in 95 degree heat.  this ride restored my faith in my love of riding, and I am planning on several more of these curated routes.

    The roads were all in good shape - but I say that with the caveat that I am a slow rider.  I ride the speed limit most roads, so I can enjoy the views and the smells and not worry if I am so fast that I have to focus on gravel in the braking zone.  The roads were fine for me.

    How were the road conditions at the time you RECENTLY rode?