Blue Ridge Parkway

Miles 471
Ride Time 10:15 w/o stops
Endpoints Waynesboro, VA, Cherokee, NC
Surface Paved
Submitted By Ed Conde

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NER Notes

The Blue Ridge Parkway (map) is 469 miles of epic riding with a lot of beautiful scenery and interesting attractions and localities along the way. The Parkway is free and the speed limit is 45 mph.

While the entire Parkway can be ridden in a single day, with the lower speed limit, it would be a marathon and require very little stopping. NER recommends incorporating part/all of the road into a multi-day riding trip, to take in the views, historic sites, and extremely fun twisty roads that weave throughout the Blue Ridge region and often intersect with the BRP.

Think of the Parkway as a base route for a trip, which you can tailor to your preferred interests and daily mileage limits.

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