Bras D’Or Lake

Miles 218
Ride Time 5:15 w/o stops
Endpoints Route 105 in Baddeck, Route 105 in Baddeck
Surface Paved
Submitted By Ed Conde

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  • Bras D’Or Lake
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Bras D’Or Lake 3.00/5 (1 Review )

  • Bras D’Or Lake

    Jun 6, 2024

    • Rider Rating

    Ridden in Sept 2023. This ride has some busier urban sections as well as some stunning scenic sections in the lowly populated eastern tip of Cape Breton Island. It was raining/misty during our ride, so we probably missed a lot of the scenery. Definitely more of a cruising/touring ride, not a lot of technical stuff. Saw a bunch of hurricane damage - trees laid over by the hundreds - after going through Sydney.

    Louisbourg is a highlight of this route. we spent a couple hours but to really enjoy it, I'd plan on 4-6 hours - there's so much there.;

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