Cabot Trail

Miles 207
Ride Time 05:15 w/o stops
Endpoints Northeast Margaree, NS, Margaree Harbor, NS
Surface Paved
Submitted By Ed Conde

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NER Notes

This historic loop begins at the Dancing Goat Cafe in NE Margaree and ends in Magaree Harbor. The GPX file includes good views, food stops and things to see.

Lunch is at the Meat Cove Campground & Chowder Hut. The road to Meat Cove is 17 miles of dirt in each direction, but is worth it for the magnificent views.

This loop is equally enjoyable going counter-clockwise. NER recommend riding the Cabot Trail in both directions, to capture all angles of the wonderful scenery.

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Cabot Trail 5.00/5 (1 Review )

  • Cabot Trail

    Aug 3, 2023

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    Cabot Trail Counter-Clockwise

    We started the day sitting waiting to be let on to Trans-Canada 105. You can thank us later for the new pavement you all will have next year from at least Baddeck north to the turn on to the Cabot Trail.

    Found the pothole we bottomed out on yesterday. Ed must have called Canadian DOT because they had a 4 foot square hole dug up around it. I suspect you'll have no troubles next year.

    Took a break at Dancing Moose Cafe which is closed on Tuesdays. We weren't going to eat anyways.

    The rough road on the trail was actually White Point Rd (Neil's Harbour) to Bay St Lawrence Rd (Meat Cove). Probably 5 miles. And another 5 that isn't great from the Meat Cove road to Big Interval.

    Stopped at Coastal Waters, but they were closed to serve tour busses. Asked about a Cabot Trail Biker shirt and those are now sold at Wreck Cove General Store. Dang! I knew that. We'll get one in Antigonish.

    Stopped at a place just up the road called Seagull Restaurant. 6 scallops or 15 skewered shrimp, rice & veggies for $20. Looked small from the road, but I bet they seated 70 people.

    The rough road coming back across was in North East Margaree (Egypt Rd) to Victory County (just beyond the lakes). It is marked as 7 KM of rough road and they have tried to patch some of it. I suspect it will be replaced before next year.

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