Cape Cod Grand Tour

Miles 182
Ride Time 6:30 w/o stops
Endpoints US 6 in Bourne, Canal Street in Bourne
Surface Paved
Submitted By Ed Conde

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This is a great Loop that visits the Best of the Cape. Included in the ride file is 37 mile bonus loop out to P-Town. This is an all day ride – start it early. Alternatively, take 2 days and spend a night on the Cape. This ride is best ridden off-season.

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  • Cape Cod Grand Tour
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Cape Cod Grand Tour 4.00/5 (1 Review )

  • Cape Cod Grand Tour

    May 22, 2024

    • Rider Rating

    On this Cape Cod Grand Tour, one of the suggested roads is Old County Rd in Wellfleet. At the best of times it features sand and gravel in blind apexes, but with sensible caution is fun to ride. However, it is becoming more and more vulnerable to washover and yesterday (5/21/24) portions of the pavement were badly damaged and about 2/3 of the way back toward 6 it was closed and under major repair. As the Herring River restoration project proceeds this will get worse, until, as planned, they raise the entire roadbed. I’d cross it off the list for now.

    Note that the rest of this ride, or at least the portions I hit yesterday, are in great shape, so the "very poor" choice below is about Old County Rd. I prefer riding these Outer Cape roads in the early spring or very late fall, because they contain many seasonal homes and in-season those driveways host "summer people" who pull out without looking.

    How were the road conditions at the time you RECENTLY rode?

    Very Poor - rough/unmaintained