Chicoutimi Ride

Miles 284
Ride Time 06:00 w/o stops
Endpoints Quebec City, QC, Quebec City, QC
Surface Paved
Submitted By Ed Conde

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NER Notes

Chicoutimi is at the head of the Saguenay River and is affected by its tides. It experienced severe flooding in 1996 and the white house is a symbol of its resilience. Both Routes 175 and 381 cross the Canadian Shield which are the oldest mountains on Earth.

This ride crosses the Canadian Shield in both directions. Travel north on Route 175 to Chicoutimi. Travel along the Saguenay to La Baie which is a port for ocean liners on Ha! Ha! Bay. Take rugged Route 381 south across the mountains to Baie-Saint-Paul. Turn south and follow Route 138 back to Quebec City.

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